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Closet Storage

Need a simple way to store and organize some of your stuff? That's just what our Closet Storage bags were made for! Whether it's shoes, shirts, purses, suits, or any other item, we've got tons of closet storage options for you. The design of these bags makes it easy to place them in your closet, fill them up, and have all your stuff segmented out. Many also include vinyl front windows so you can see what's inside or clear ID windows for easy labeling, making it easy to know what you've stored where! Made with breathable materials, our closet storage bags are made to be breathable so your items stay fresh and don't get any funky odors from storage. If you need to save some space and get your closet organized, these are items you can't go without!

Here's what our customers are saying...

"This item worked out perfectly for the space we have on our bus. The product seems to be made pretty well and should provide the service life we need. Ordering, delivery, & delivery timing were all excellent. Will purchase from these folks again. Nice website guys."

- Jeff, Peoria, AZ

"Just what I was looking for and at a great price! You won't be disappointed in this product. The pockets are large enough to hold bigger purses and it has some that will accomodate smaller ones. This is the best quality product I've found, and I comparison shop as a rule."

- Theresa, Summerville, SC

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  1. Hanging Giftwrap Bag

    Hanging Giftwrap Bag

    Style 020

    42L x 11W x 7H

    From $24.99
    See Item Details
  2. 12" Canvas Storage Box

    12" Canvas Storage Box

    Style 010

    12L x 12W x 12H

    From $24.99
    See Item Details
  3. 18" Canvas Storage Box

    18" Canvas Storage Box

    Style 011

    18L x 12W x 12H

    From $29.99
    See Item Details
  4. Canvas Sweater Storage Bag

    Canvas Sweater Storage Bag

    Style J40

    14L x 12W x 6H

    From $11.99
    See Item Details
  5. Canvas Blanket Storage Bag

    Canvas Blanket Storage Bag

    Style J41

    21L x 18W x 12H

    From $14.99
    See Item Details
  6. Canvas Comforter Storage Bag

    Canvas Comforter Storage Bag

    Style J42

    29L x 17W x 16H

    From $19.99
    See Item Details
  7. Canvas Dry Cleaning Bag

    Canvas Dry Cleaning Bag

    Style LN1

    35L x 27W

    Sale From $5.99

    See Item Details
  8. Purse and Shoe Organizer

    Purse and Shoe Organizer

    Style H03

    30L x 14W x 8D

    From $24.99
    See Item Details
  9. Suit Garment Bag - Deluxe

    Suit Garment Bag - Deluxe

    Style 143

    44L x 24W x 2D

    Sale From $8.99

    See Item Details
  10. Dress Garment Bag - Deluxe

    Dress Garment Bag - Deluxe

    Style 155

    54L x 24W x 2D

    Sale From $11.99

    See Item Details
  11. Gown Garment Bag - Deluxe

    Gown Garment Bag - Deluxe

    Style 167

    64L x 24W x 2D

    Sale From $13.99

    See Item Details
  12. Suit Garment Bag

    Suit Garment Bag

    Style 142

    44L x 24W

    Sale From $6.99

    See Item Details
  13. Dress Garment Bag

    Dress Garment Bag

    Style 154

    54L x 24W

    Sale From $7.99

    See Item Details
  14. Gown Garment Bag

    Gown Garment Bag

    Style 166

    64L x 24W

    Sale From $10.99

    See Item Details
  15. Shoe Bags - 2 Piece Set

    Shoe Bags - 2 Piece Set

    Style 170

    13L x 15W

    From $5.99
    See Item Details