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Cantilevered Umbrella Cover


Item# 505.GY3
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List Price: $130.00 $96.99

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  • Designed to fit up to 10-13 FOOT Traditional Round/Octagon Style Cantilevered Umbrellas
  • Actual cover size: 75 CIRCUMFERENCE x 120H
  • Measure height of collapsed umbrella for proper fit of non-traditional shapes
  • Made with premium 300D solution-dyed polyester
  • Rust-proof zipper, wand & storage pouch
  • Adjustable drawcord and elastic hem for snug fit
  • Covered mesh vents for air circulation
  • Keeps almost all water, UV, and dirt from your cantilevered umbrella
  • 7-year warranty

Note: Our CoverMates offset umbrella covers are specifically made to cover offset umbrellas with side poles. These umbrellas, when closed, rest next to the arm that holds them and the pole that holds the arm so that our offset umbrella covers can be used to cover the entire unit.

At The Cover Store, we strive to carry a cover for all your patio accessories, even unique items such as offset umbrella covers in our CoverMates Ultima product assortment. CoverMates Ultima Umbrella covers are constructed with a heavy duty nylon rust-proof zipper that runs the length of the umbrella cover, which makes it easy to put on and take off, and an auto-locking drawcord to keep the umbrella cover secure. To make using the cover even easier, included with every Ultima Umbrella Cover is a helpful wand which can be used to safely lift the top of the cover over the umbrella. After use, it can be stored in the sewn-in pocket pouch located on the inside of the cover for convenience.

All Ultima covers also feature a covered mesh vent that allows for necessary air flow to deter mold and mildew, all while keeping your patio umbrella clean and dry. Ultima patio umbrella covers are backed by a 7-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • High-quality 300D polyester specially treated for UV protection
  • Solution-dye process provides superior fade-resistance
  • Unsurpassed water resistance and special marine quality decay-resistant thread
  • Soft, pliable feel will not become stiff even in the coldest conditions


Performance Ratings

UV Sun
Dirt & Dust

7 Year Warranty Coverage


- Seating & Chair Covers - Air Conditioner Covers
- Equipment Covers - TV Covers
- Grill Covers - Patio Table / Table Set Covers
- Umbrella - Fire Pit Covers  
  • All CoverMates™ Ultima polyester products purchased
  • from The Cover Store are backed by a 7-year warranty.
  • Those listed here are guaranteed to be free from material
  • and craftsmanship defects for a duration of 7 years from
  • the date of purchase.
based on 88 Review(s) Write a Review
Review by Maryam Salehi, San Diego CA Posted on 2/17/2017
excellent quality!
Review by Martin Henderson, Fredericksburg, VA Posted on 1/29/2017
We love the umbrella cover. It's a nice heavy material, it fits great, and completely covers the umbrella. We like the pole that's used to get the cover over the top of the umbrella and we really like that when the pole isn't in use, it's stored inside the cover. A great way to prevent the pole from being misplaced.
Review by Bob, Toronto, Canada Posted on 12/31/2016
Great experience overall.
Review by Dm Broughty, Minneapolis, MN Posted on 11/22/2016
The umbrella cover was as described. The handy extension pole helps considerably. I would recommend this cover over any umbrella cover that does not include the extension pole
Review by Kathy, San Ramon, CA Posted on 11/19/2016
This is our second set of these umbrella covers for our expensive cantilevered umbrellas. The first set did not last as advertised, but there are not very many high quality cover options for 11 ft umbrellas. We have had so many successful purchases with the Cover Store that we decided to try a new set from the Cover Store. They look great and seem well made. Note: the amazing folks at the Cover Store stand by their products and replaced the original covers without any hassle or difficulty!
Review by J Wilson, San Rafael, CA Posted on 9/26/2016
Love the umbrella cover! I also have the table cover.
I tell everyone to look at your website to make a purchase
Review by J. Phillips, Cincinnati, Ohio Posted on 9/19/2016
I first opened the umbrella on a warm, sunny day to be sure it was dry. I'd read a review that the pole which is used to lift the cover over the umbrella was too short. I am 5ft 4, a female retiree, and had no problems at all. I unzipped the cover, pushed the pole up into the fabric tube and lifted it up with ease. I then dismantled and stored the pole in the tube. A perfect fit and so simple in put on.
Review by Joyce, Gig Harbor Wa Posted on 9/5/2016
Quality is very good. Our only problem was fit is not as good as the original cover but doable. The wand is too short to be much help in putting on or taking off.
Review by Gina, Joppa Md. Posted on 9/1/2016
It's a beautiful cover , made well , good quality and I wish I could keep it but be careful . The cover is advertised as 120 long by 75 in diamiter in reality it measures 120 by 66 I couldn't get it to zipper so I had to return it.
Review by Lori, Edmonton, Canada Posted on 8/22/2016
Love the cover, however the pole supplied to place the cover over the top of the umbrella is useless. This should be revamped.
Review by Dave iwinski, Scottsdale az Posted on 6/15/2016
The cover itself is great and high quality. The pole however to place it over top of the umbrella was useless because it's too short
Review by Eric M., Oakland, CA Posted on 5/27/2016
Worked great for our Costco umbrella. A little larger than the original, but works fine. Comes with a "removal stick" to aid in removing the cover and has a pouch to store the stick which is a nice option the original Costco cover did not have.
Review by Mark Drew, Tucson, AZ Posted on 5/18/2016
The cover is high quality but the warranty is even better. I just received my replacement cover after a hassle free warranty claim. My original cover started to rip after several years sitting in the Arizona sun, which seems to degrade pretty much everything.
Review by Robert Opem, Rockport Texas Posted on 1/25/2016
The cover looks great both material and color. Have not yet used it because it is winter here in Texas. But BIG disappointment was in the stitching. On the web site both the pictures and copy for the cover showed and stated double stitched. This is not the case, all the stitching is single stitched. I am use to really heavy duty plastic zippers used on sailboat sail covers and the zipper is not nearly as heavy. Will see with the 7 year warranty how things hold-up; material, zipper and stitching. For $99. plus S&H it is priced right evan if it lasts 5 years. If it does, I'll give it 5 stars.
Review by Robert Clemons , Detroit, Michigan Posted on 1/1/2016
That is all
Review by ron, florida Posted on 12/28/2015
very nice product fits perfect on our 13' unbrella
Review by Matthew lamontagne, Austell , Georgia Posted on 12/23/2015
Packaged well, fast service, a high quality product,
This is my fifth purchase from the cover store.
Review by Holly, Watsonville CA Posted on 11/22/2015
Just purchased this umbrella cover and it appears to be great quality; it fit my umbrella and was easy enough to install.
Plastic PVC pipe that comes with the cover is meant to help with installing the cover but the pieces don't fit snug enough to
stay together to be of any use. I purchased this cover for its size and the 7 year warranty.
Review by joan, los altos, ca Posted on 11/22/2015
This cover is perfect for my large umbrella. The pole to lift it on, while easy to assemble, wasn't long enough for me as I am short and would need longer arms for it to work. It wasn't a problem, though.
Review by mark L., Richboro, pa. Posted on 11/6/2015
the site was fast & easy to use . the cover fits great & looks great
Review by Lionel Miles, Scottsdale, AZ Posted on 9/26/2015
The cover arrived in good order and everything seems in order.
Review by Bob J., Paw Paw, Mi. Posted on 9/22/2015
Cover looks great and covers the 10 Foot umbrella with room to spare. The wand provided to assist getting the cover high enough to get over the top of the umbrella is flimsy to say the least. Got a 3/4 inch pvc pipe with a round top that was mentioned in a review. Works fine.
Review by James, Surrey, B.C. Canada Posted on 9/20/2015
The product far exceeds our expectation. The cover fits our cantilevered umbrella perfectly. If there is a down side to the product it would be the plastic pole provided that is to be used to install the cover. It is too light and is of no value. We overcame this problem easily by using a ten foot paint roller extension handle which worked fine. We definitely would recommend this product to anyone without hesitation.
Review by Chuck Faulkner, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Posted on 9/10/2015
Was very impressed on how quickly we received our Umbrella Cover and storage bag.

Upon opening the package I was immediately impressed first by the weight of material. A much better cover than the one we had.

The only thing I can fault is the wand to get the cover over the cantilever could be another foot longer.

Review by Mike Albright, Breckenridge, CO Posted on 9/10/2015
Excellent quality
Review by Deb and Jim, West Palm Beach, Fl Posted on 8/23/2015
We have the 10-12ft ultimate cantilever patio umbrella at our permanent residence and our vacation home both in tropical areas so we insist on the best protection products. The reinforced zipper makes it easy to position the cover over the tall curved umbrella without a ladder. Just grab hold of the zipper string and close it tight for a water proof seal. Amazing!!
Review by Patricia Fordosi, Hinckley, OH Posted on 8/8/2015
Very pleased with the umbrella cover we purchased. The material is heavy duty and lasts well through a tough Winter. I would recommend The Cover Store products to anyone looking for a durable cover for outdoor furniture.
Review by Al Camisa, Nashville, TN Posted on 7/26/2015
Wasn't exactly sure that the cover would fit, because the original had a curve to it to fit the cantilever. But when it came, it turned out to be pretty much universal to be wide enough to account for the curve. It is quite thick, much better constructed than the cover that came with the umbrella.
Review by Toni, Benicia, Ca. Posted on 7/9/2015
I have purchased many typed of outdoor covers here.

Quality is excellent
Review by EJ, Cary, NC Posted on 6/26/2015
Have had cover for a week now. So far so good. Not as tight as the original factory cover, but I believe that is a good thing. Probably was a contributing factor to why the original split.

Like others have mentioned, the pole that comes with it is way too short. Fixed with a longer 3/4 inch PVC pipe with a nice round cap on it.

Waiting to see what happens in a very strong wind, but so far, very satisfied.
Review by B. Voight, Minooka, IL Posted on 6/12/2015
Review by Debra Genord, Livonia, MI Posted on 5/29/2015
The product is sturdy material and strong seams. Excellent warranty, sizing is good as well. Wish there were more sizes though.
Review by Theo Nuke , Livermore Posted on 5/27/2015
Looks great.
Review by Brian Rockett, Owls head ,Maine Posted on 4/27/2015
I always order from the cover store the quality of the material is the best
Review by RP, Westchester, NY Posted on 3/29/2015
Great service and product. Thank you!
Review by Chris Carter, New Jersey Posted on 10/24/2014
Very good quality, excellent product.
Review by Patty, Port Jervis, NY Posted on 10/6/2014
Nice quality!
Review by Tiny, California Posted on 10/3/2014
My package arrived in just a few days, and the umbrella cover was exactly as described. The fabric is sturdy. Even though I am only 5 feet tall, I found it easy to place on my "giant" umbrella.
Review by Vincent Collins , Maricopa Az Posted on 6/12/2014
Excellent cover. Very easy purchasing experience. Delivered quickly and ontime
Review by Edward, Las Vegas NV Posted on 3/3/2014
Thank you.Excellent service.
Review by Dee, High Ridge MO Posted on 2/18/2014
The weather is great today, so I put on the new umbrella cover. It fits perfect and is very sturdy quality. Hopefully, it will last for many years.
Review by Mitch, Jacksonville AR Posted on 9/4/2013
The cover looks great, and seems to be as strong and durable as advertised, plus it fits perfectly.
Review by Greg, Aguanga, CA Posted on 9/4/2013
The umbrella cover arrived quickly and it was precisely as advertised. Great product!
Review by Terry, New York Posted on 8/18/2013
Correct size to cover my cantilevered umbrella place on my pool patio. The premium cover fabric seems worth the money for longevity.
Review by FN, Helena, MT Posted on 7/21/2013
We purchased the most expensive cover. It did fit over the COSTCO brand full size cantalever umbrella. It came with a cute little plasic pipe about 4 feet long that is supposed to help with getting the cover over the top of the umbrella. But when the cover is longer than the pole, it didn't make much sense to even bother. The cover also came with a cute little pocket to hold the cute little pole and that is where it stays. I made my own 8 foot pole out of 3/4" PVC with an end cap and I don't need a pocket to put it in.
Review by Dodd, Windsor ON Posted on 7/15/2013
Excellent cover
Review by Robert, Long Island, NY Posted on 7/15/2013
The material appears of high quality. While slightly longer than the original product, (Sunsetter) I understand the need to be more universal.
The wand supplied is, however, incomprehensible. The wand supplied with the original cover is fully twice as long. (It's main defect was an uncapped tip, which eventually pierced the old cover.) I am 6 feet tall, and standing on my tiptoes,even while standing on the elevated base, using the new supplied wand, I still can barely get the cover on properly.
Also, the "wand pouch", supposedly to store the wand, is sewn into the inside TOP of the umbrella cover, not the bottom where it can be reached when the cover is installed. Completely useless.
Some more attention to detail would be appreciated.
Review by John-Phoenix Posted on 6/29/2013
Looks like a quality product. It shipped in a very timely manner. Will it hold up to our Arizona sun? That is a big concern.
Review by David Saint Louis Posted on 6/26/2013
It's only been 2 weeks since I have started using it. One size fits all is OK. For me it is long and I have to roll the bottom soit doesn't catch water and wind. Maybe a modification to the zipper and some snaps would make rolling and tucking" a better design to acommidate height djffenences. Overall quality at this time looks good."
Review by Dodd, Windsor ON Posted on 6/16/2013
Costs to get to Canada outrageous. I buy a lot of products in the USA on-line and have shipped to my home but never this expensive.
Review by Jim Bossier City LA Posted on 5/12/2013
Very fast turn around time. Order to door in 4 days. Product works as advertised and is easy to use. Found it benefical to use PVC glue to make the pole into two two-piece segments.
Review by Upper Marlboro, MD Posted on 5/2/2013
The cover was for my canteliever umbrella that I purchsed from Costco. The cover shipped promptly. The cover was nicely made, but the fit was a little more snug than the original cover. Overall I'm pleased with the product. I didn't give this product five stars because of the fit.
Review by Jon; Oceanside. California Posted on 3/13/2013
After a long search, this cover was exactly what we needed.Also, shipping was unusually quick. We highly recommend this product.
Review by Linda, Chula Vista CA Posted on 12/14/2012
Great cover! Our offset umbrella has a curved pole and the cover still fit! Very good purchase
Review by Annette,Vallejo,CA Posted on 11/17/2012
Happy so far!
Review by Greg, richmond TX Posted on 11/1/2012
Excellent for Cantilevered Umbrellas. Plenty of length and provides great protection from the sun and weather.
Review by Rick, San Diego, CA Posted on 10/30/2012
The cover fits and looks nice. The installation rod is a little lame.
Review by Colleen, Anchor Bay, Mi Posted on 10/29/2012
Great Cover, High Quality, just what I needed to protect my umbrella from the wind that come off of the lake. The cover that originally came with the umbrella quickly turned to shreds. This cover is much higher quality.
Review by Andy clevland ohio Posted on 10/26/2012
Good product
Review by donald erie pa Posted on 10/20/2012
very nice fit like glove easy to install recomemend this product
Review by Providence, BayShore, NY Posted on 10/12/2012
Better than I expected! Lightweight and easy to work with.
Review by Providence, BayShore, NY Posted on 10/12/2012
Better than I expected! Lightweight and easy to work with.
Review by Joe Posted on 9/27/2012
Product is as good or better than I expected. Fits well and looks good.
Review by Bonnie, California Posted on 9/20/2012
Very happy with product.
Review by Don. San Diego Posted on 8/28/2012
Only inprovement I can see id if the PVC pole was longer and there was an outside pocket to insert the pole in when puting the cover on or off.
Review by warren amityville Posted on 8/21/2012
The product I received was exactly as it was described on the web site. I’m very pleased with the quality. It was easy to install and fit perfect on the first try. I feel that the quality is such that it’s going to last a long time. (The pole used to lift the cover up over the umbrella could have been a little bit stronger.)
Review by Rhonda, Fairfield, CA Posted on 8/7/2012
We are really pleased with the quality of this cover. Heavy canvas and fits well. 100% better than the one we got when we purchased our umbrella. So far, we are very pleased. Thank you.
Review by Rick, San Antonio, TX Posted on 7/27/2012
Awesome cover, contains both the umbrella and pole support, keeping both out of the weather
Review by no thanks Posted on 7/27/2012
color blends in with my pine trees
great quality
Review by Leslie, Myrtle Beach Posted on 7/13/2012
nice quality cover. I like that the PVC rod is sturdier than the traditional thin metal ones, the one provided with this cover is far too short to use on this tall of an umbrella (I needed a ladder to get the cover on and expect I'll need to pull it out again to get the cover off).
Review by David, St. Paul, MN Posted on 6/8/2012
Nice product; quality made.
Review by Betsy, Moab Ut Posted on 6/7/2012
We bought this to replace the torn cover that came with our umbrella. This is much bigger than the original but that is fine. It's well made of quality fabric and I think it will hold up to our desert winds!
Review by Steve, Charlotte Posted on 6/7/2012
Excellent quality. Large size covers the umbrellas nicely.
Review by Sid, Edmond OK Posted on 5/20/2012
The flimsy, snap-together plastic wand is completely inadequate to help put on/take off the cover. It would have been very easy for the manufacturer to supply a sturdy, effective tool for that purpose. What is needed is something about as long as a pole saw, or to stand on a ladder.
Review by San , Plano TX Posted on 5/12/2012
generous cut, plenty of room to cover my 13" umbrella, quality zipper and great color
Review by CM, Port Saint Lucie, Fl Posted on 4/22/2012
Absolutely love my new cover!!! The shipping was really faster than I thought! I have a big freestanding umbrella and I was worried about moisture and sun exposure, this cover is perfect!!! Will buy again from this company!!!
Review by Elsa, Spring TX Posted on 4/17/2012
Excellent quality and timely arrival. Instructions were a little confusing about the rods.
Review by Richard, Flushing MI Posted on 4/7/2012
It was what we were looking for. Something that would last.
Review by carolyn,englewood co Posted on 3/30/2012
good product
Review by Syd, Las Vegas,NV Posted on 3/29/2012
Perfect for my application as a cantilever umbrella weather cover.
Review by Syd, Las Vegas,NV Posted on 3/29/2012
Perfect for my application as a cantilever umbrella weather cover.
Review by Syd, Las Vegas,NV Posted on 3/29/2012
Perfect for my application as a cantilever umbrella weather cover.
Review by Syd, Las Vegas,NV Posted on 3/29/2012
Perfect for my application as a cantilever umbrella weather cover.
Review by Don, Louisville, KY Posted on 12/20/2011
I had shopped all over for a winter cover for my offset patio umbrella and found it here. It was exactly as pictured and was easy to put on. I would recommend this item to anyone.
Review by Fred Buffalo N Y Posted on 8/18/2011
this is the second cover I have purchased from the cover store and I am very pleased with yur products and your service
Review by Anne, NY Posted on 8/13/2011
Just put the cover on for the first time. The color was accurate as in the photos online. Material is significantly better than the original cover that dry-rotted. My only gripe is the pole that's supposed to lift the cover over the's not long enough nor is is strong enough. IMHO the pole needs to be about 2 feet longer and stronger for the weight of the material. My husband is 6' tall and still had to stand on a chair using a longer PVC pipe to lift the opening of the cover over the umbrella. Other than that...I'm hoping this cover lasts longer than the original.
Review by Karen in Gray TN Posted on 6/23/2011
This product is awesome. This umbrella cover is so much heavier and durable than the one we had from Home Depot. It came with a 7 year warranty, so it will last much longer than the 2 years we got out of the Home Depot brand. The wand is needed to hook the zipper at the top and pull it open or shut. There is also a built in storage space for the wand so you don't lose or break it. Extremely happy with this product. Next on my list is patio furniture covers.
Review by frank may Posted on 6/5/2011
fits my 12 ft umbrella perfectly---very nicely made and easy to use.i even am able to close the cover with the netting attached to the umbrella i would buy this product again... frank,bloomingdale ILL
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