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Canvas Organizers

Canvas Organizers
Heavy weight natural cotton canvas
All our closet storage items are super durable and contain no chemicals or dyes that may harm delicate clothes. The woven natural cotton lets air pass easily, allowing the contents to "breathe", and will minimize any musty odors that could build up over time.

Canvas Organizers

Need some extra storage space around the house? Need an easy way to get things organized? Then you've found what you've been looking for with our canvas organizers! Made with 100% natural cotton - no bleach and no dyes used - we've got a variety of organizers to help you get a handle on things. We've got hanging organizers and boxes designed for shoes, shirts, purses, and all sorts of accessories. Don't let your collection of stuff overwhelm you. Check out our canvas organizers and put everything in its place!

Here's what our customers are saying

"I was needing a way to store my bags so I could reach them and be able to put them away easily since I have back & neck problems. This works beautifly!! Thanks!"

- Linda, Springfield, IL

"Was exactly what I was looking for in the baby's room. Pockets are see through and the bottom bag fits lots of diapers!"

- Jill, Pittsburgh, PA

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  1. Canvas Dry Cleaning Bag

    Canvas Dry Cleaning Bag

    Style LN1

    35L x 27W

    Sale From $5.99

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  2. 5 Shelf Shoe Organizer

    5 Shelf Shoe Organizer

    Style S05

    25L x 14W x 10H

    Sale From $5.99

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  3. 12 Pocket Shirt Organizer

    12 Pocket Shirt Organizer

    Style P12

    45L x 21W

    Sale From $6.99

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  4. Purse and Shoe Organizer

    Purse and Shoe Organizer

    Style H03

    30L x 14W x 8D

    Sale From $8.99

    See Item Details
  5. Handbag and Accessory Organizer

    Handbag and Accessory Organizer

    Style R01

    48L x 12W x 12D

    Sale From $9.99

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  6. Hanging Giftwrap Bag

    Hanging Giftwrap Bag

    Style 020

    42L x 11W x 7H

    From $24.99
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  7. Canvas Storage Box - 12 Inch

    Canvas Storage Box - 12 Inch

    Style 010

    12L x 12W x 12H

    From $24.99
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  8. Canvas Storage Box - 18 Inch

    Canvas Storage Box - 18 Inch

    Style 011

    18L x 12W x 12H

    From $29.99
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  9. Canvas Sweater Storage Bag

    Canvas Sweater Storage Bag

    Style J40

    14L x 12W x 6H

    From $11.99
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  10. Canvas Blanket Storage Bag

    Canvas Blanket Storage Bag

    Style J41

    21L x 18W x 12H

    From $14.99
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  11. Canvas Comforter Storage Bag

    Canvas Comforter Storage Bag

    Style J42

    29L x 17W x 16H

    From $19.99
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