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Peppermint's Pranks

-- an Elf on a Shelf's Countdown to Christmas 2014

Hello! I'm Peppermint!Santa has given me the incredible task of watching over a very special girl named Rylie and I'm so glad he did! I spend my days watching over her and I spend my nights reporting back to Santa, but Rylie is such a good little girl, those reports don't take long and that leaves me lots of time to be mischievous -HeeHee!

Day 28: It's Thanksgiving night and I'm about to make my debut! I know Rylie has been anxious for my return so I made sure I was in plain sight so I could see her reaction.

Day 27: I'm settling in by reading to my long lost friends. I also helped myself to a Coke :)

Day 26: Oh wow - I found all the sweet stuff in the house! My tummy hurts!

Day 25: After last night's binge eating, I just needed a quiet night of playing on the iPad. I "elfed" Rylie and myself at

Day 24: I just LOVE this! I wrapped the toilet - heeheehee...

Day 23: Taking a little nap with Santa.

Day 22: I LOVE S'mores!

Day 21: Just watching a little TV - I made some snowflakes too!

Day 20: I got into the box of goldfish and then photocopied myself on the copier as a keepsake for Rylie. Elves do Rule...

Day 19: Rylie loves this guitar so I thought I would see what was so cool about it. I learned some Christmas Carols!

Day 18: I love wrapping presents and my sugary snacks -- I wrapped up a chocolate bar for Rylie.

Day 17: Camping in the doll tent. I brought in my own tree to keep things festive.

Day 16: Rylie's hamster is so cute -- we had such a good time tonight -- I took pictures so I could make "Spice" look like Rudolph.

Day 15: I made snow angels out of sugar! I may have tasted some of it too.

Day 14: Rule #1 was broken!!! That pesky cousin Austin touched me and I lost my magic. It's a good thing Rylie knew that cinnamon is a healing vitamin for Elves. I had my cinnamon and now I'm recovering nicely.

Day 13: Rylie thinks Louis from 1D is dreamy and so do I -- I found some mistletoe and then I stole a kiss.

Day 12: I was missing the North Pole so I wrapped myself up in Rylie's sock and flew to the freezer -- I grabbed one of Rylie's dad's shirts so he could feel like he was in the North Pole too!

Day 11: Only 10 days left 'til I head back!

Day 10: I drew on some family photos. Rylie thought this was hilarious -- I love to make her laugh. Some got mustaches, beards and big eyebrows while others got hearts.

Day 9: Dress up time with the dolls! Where's the runway girls, I'm ready!

Day 8: I'm in heaven now -- swimming in Hot Cocoa

Day 7: Just a little goldfish fishing to pass the time.

Day 6: Scrabble with Rylie's favorite teddy bear.

Day 4: One of my favorite pranks yet! I colored the milk green! Festive Cheerios for breakfast!

Day 3: I decorated the bathroom with Christmas lights. It needed some Christmas cheer in there!

Day 2: I wrapped the Christmas Tree with toilet paper. Rylie thought this was pretty hilarious too!