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Flip Top TV Covers

Flip Top TV Covers

What Size Do I Need?

  • Measure your TV based on the illustration to the right
  • Select a cover that matches the width, depth and height for best fit
  • If the width, depth & height of your TV is not available, choosing a cover slightly larger in dimensions will offer you an acceptable fit

CoverMates™ Collections

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Outdoor Covers Warranty Coverage

All CoverMates™ products purchased from The Cover Store are backed by our manufacturer's warranty, guaranteed to be free from material and craftsmanship defects for the duration of the warranty.

Flip Top TV Covers

Your grill or chairs might be able to last outside without being covered, but your TV's one item you definitely don't want to take chances with.  But we know it can also be a hassle having to take your cover off and put it back on each time you want to watch TV.  Our line of Flip Top TV Covers is changing that.  Now you can keep your TV covered all the time, even when you're watching it - just pull the front flap up, watch, and enjoy!


Besides being super convenient, our Flip Top TV Covers make it easy to keep your outdoor TV protected from rain, wind, dirt, and any other debris. They work with freestanding and mounted TVs and come with features like Velcro closures to wrap around cords and remote control pockets. Worried about finding the right size? Don't be - we've got 12 of the most popular sizes to choose from! Visit our measuring guide to find the right one for you.

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