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Furniture Cover Clips - Medium

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  • MEDIUM - 24L
  • Includes 2 24" elastic tie-down bungee cables
  • Clamps extend comfortably to 52 inches
  • Includes 4 Gust Guard cinching clamps
  • Includes installation instructions

If you're tired of your cover blowing around no matter how hard you pull the drawstring, our friends at Gust Guard™ have got just the solution -- their specialized furniture clips!

The Gust Guard™ system uses a combination of clips and bungee cords to create its tight grip. All you have to do is attach the cinching clamps to the 4 corners of your cover and connect each pair of clips with the 2 elastic tie-down bungee cables. No more covers blowing in the wind and no unexpected damage to your equipment--it will fight Mother Nature to stay covered!
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Review by Matt P, Waco, TX Posted on 1/22/2015
Good product
Review by DD, Montara, CA Posted on 12/17/2014
Easy to install & good quality.
Review by Diane, NYC, NY Posted on 12/4/2014
These are fantastic!! I was able to secure all the covers for my furniture and feel like everything is set for a long cold winter.

Review by Wendy Erwin, Ypsilanti, Michigan Posted on 11/16/2014
These work great to hold down all types of covers
Review by Barb Crowley, Canada Posted on 11/13/2014
The clips work well. Wish I had ordered more.
Review by The Parkinsons, Missouri Posted on 11/1/2014
The quality of the clips is great! They fit snug and securely - very strong and do great in holding down our table cover.
Review by Nancy, Surprise, AZ Posted on 10/9/2014
Good product. Keeps covers together. The cords are your usual but the clips are a nice feature for the cords.
Review by David , Houston Posted on 9/29/2014
Terrific design and ease of use.
Review by R. Socia, Canton, MI Posted on 8/3/2014
The cover clips were received promptly and I believe they will do the job of holding the cover in place during high winds.
Review by chuck vogel, Denver, co Posted on 7/17/2014
seem very good. will get a workout this winter.
Review by Tom B, Somerville, NJ Posted on 7/16/2014
Fine product, but cover came with eyelets and bungie cords would work just as well
Review by Blondie from Brooklyn, Brooklyn, N Posted on 6/15/2014
Very satisfied. The product is well made and does the job!
Review by Bill H, Thurmont, Md Posted on 5/9/2014
Had one pop off once I attached the bungee cord. Takes a little effort to get them to lock but should do the job.
Review by Joanne. San Jose Ca Posted on 12/29/2013
These are very sturdy clips. I couldn't find a cover that work good for my patio table and chairs so I got a tarp and secured it with these clips. Worked great.
Review by Janna, Lakeway, TX Posted on 12/27/2013
I'm sure these will work great if I actually ever need them. For now, the covers I purchased are large enough to tuck under the legs of my outdoor furniture, so I haven't had to worry about the blustery winds that come from all directions at once. I will use these if the covers start to show wear from tucking them under the legs. For now, they are in the package!