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Furniture Cover Clips - Medium


Item# 997.000
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List Price: $15.00 $11.99
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  • MEDIUM - 24L
  • Includes 2 24" elastic tie-down bungee cables
  • Clamps extend comfortably to 52 inches
  • Includes 4 Gust Guard cinching clamps
  • Includes installation instructions

If you're tired of your cover blowing around no matter how hard you pull the drawstring, our friends at Gust Guard™ have got just the solution -- their specialized furniture clips!

The Gust Guard™ system uses a combination of clips and bungee cords to create its tight grip. All you have to do is attach the cinching clamps to the 4 corners of your cover and connect each pair of clips with the 2 elastic tie-down bungee cables. No more covers blowing in the wind and no unexpected damage to your equipment--it will fight Mother Nature to stay covered!
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Review by Kelly, Indianapolis Posted on 10/26/2016
These helped secure the cover during extra windy conditions. Worked easily and very secure!
Review by Bobby Johnson , Avon by the sea , nj Posted on 10/13/2016
They do the job well !!!
Review by Joel Wolbert , Cornelius, NC Posted on 9/26/2016
The cover clips are neat design, however the covers I purchased have two leg straps position diagonal from each other which secures the cover in windy conditions and subsequently negates the need for the cover clip. I wish I had known about the built-in leg straps that each cover has during my purchase because I could've saved the $75 I spent on cover clips.
Review by LJ, Prescott, AZ Posted on 9/4/2016
These clips are great! We had some covers that were a little too big, and these clips made all the difference. We have had pretty good thunderstorms and wind, and they held up just fine!
Review by Vincent Rao, missouri city texas Posted on 8/29/2016
clips are great.
Review by Denise Bellinger, Riverside,ca Posted on 6/3/2016
Great quality never seen these these before. They worked for holding down my cover awesome! Quick delivery too! Will def order from you again.
Review by Sal, New Jersey Posted on 3/17/2016
They work great! I strongly recommend this item especially for cars.
Review by Berie, Coronado, CA Posted on 2/21/2016
These wind clips work fantastically. We sometimes had trouble with a heavy wind blowing the covers off some of our outdoor furniture during a storm. These clips have solved the problem so that we do not have to worry when a strong wind blows.
Review by Berie, Coronado, CA Posted on 2/21/2016
These wind clips work fantastically. We sometimes had trouble with a heavy wind blowing the covers off some of our outdoor furniture during a storm. These clips have solved the problem so that we do not have to worry when a strong wind blows.
Review by Jan Meyer, Durham, NC Posted on 11/28/2015
The clips and bungee cords are easy to install and stay in place. They are rated good because the clips are somewhat hard to open to grab the cover. Otherwise, they are a great system.
Review by Barbara, Rockvale, CO Posted on 11/24/2015
These are excellent aids for holding the covers in place especially during high wind.
Review by Linda M, Westchester, IL Posted on 11/23/2015
Really like the clips, Holds the table top cover in place. Easy to use and install.
Review by Ronnie devenish, Incline,nv Posted on 11/21/2015
Strong and very useful in a windy outdoor area
Review by Jim, Newfoundland , Pa Posted on 11/16/2015
The clips are very good , not much stretch in the bungee if you need it.. The one I got the bungee was to long I had to make a loop in it using a nylon zip tie. If the bungee had some kind of adjustment I would have given the product a higher rating.
Review by Mike, Brantford Ontario Posted on 11/14/2015
Review by Patrick Williamson, Boise, Idaho Posted on 11/2/2015
Although the design of the clips seemed efficient with ratcheted clamping, they do not hold the fabric of the covers in place. When the bungee style cords are attached, the clamps disengage from the fabric.
Review by Dave, Remington, IN Posted on 10/24/2015
Well designed. Provides extra protection in our windy environment.
Review by Sharon Fitts, Fountain Hills, AZ Posted on 10/23/2015
Although these clips seem to be an excellent product, the diameter of the hook connection was too big to fit under my fire pit. The clearance is less than 1/2 inch.
Review by Marion J, Sherman Oaks, CA Posted on 9/6/2015
Review by S. Bruno, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 Posted on 6/22/2015
They look great and sturdy and I will look forward to using them when covering up my furniture for the winter.
Review by C Williams , Aguanga CA 92536 Posted on 5/29/2015
Just like the furniture covers these clips are a nice quality. Better than my expectations. I realized the covers fit so perfectly I may never need them but I am keeping them just in case a heavy wind some day proves me wrong.
Review by Carolyn, houston, tx. Posted on 5/18/2015
They work great. wish had been a clip tho as would b easier to use.
Review by Karen on deck, Holcombe, WI Posted on 5/12/2015
These clips are a great idea. At first I wondered about their worth, but now that we have them, I really think they are a good idea in that they keep the cover in place, even in windy conditions.
Review by J.B Grant, Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada Posted on 4/23/2015
These clips are pretty inventive. They function very well. upon day of receipt we had a significant wind storm. Instead of applying to the BBQ cover, they worked better for holding down the hot tub cover. New application, great result.
Review by Diane Troost, Grandville, MI Posted on 4/18/2015
These are so handy to have, no hassle.. love them!
Review by Matt P, Waco, TX Posted on 1/22/2015
Good product
Review by DD, Montara, CA Posted on 12/17/2014
Easy to install & good quality.
Review by Diane, NYC, NY Posted on 12/5/2014
These are fantastic!! I was able to secure all the covers for my furniture and feel like everything is set for a long cold winter.

Review by Wendy Erwin, Ypsilanti, Michigan Posted on 11/16/2014
These work great to hold down all types of covers
Review by Barb Crowley, Canada Posted on 11/14/2014
The clips work well. Wish I had ordered more.
Review by The Parkinsons, Missouri Posted on 11/1/2014
The quality of the clips is great! They fit snug and securely - very strong and do great in holding down our table cover.
Review by Nancy, Surprise, AZ Posted on 10/9/2014
Good product. Keeps covers together. The cords are your usual but the clips are a nice feature for the cords.
Review by David , Houston Posted on 9/29/2014
Terrific design and ease of use.
Review by R. Socia, Canton, MI Posted on 8/3/2014
The cover clips were received promptly and I believe they will do the job of holding the cover in place during high winds.
Review by chuck vogel, Denver, co Posted on 7/18/2014
seem very good. will get a workout this winter.
Review by Tom B, Somerville, NJ Posted on 7/17/2014
Fine product, but cover came with eyelets and bungie cords would work just as well
Review by Blondie from Brooklyn, Brooklyn, N Posted on 6/16/2014
Very satisfied. The product is well made and does the job!
Review by Bill H, Thurmont, Md Posted on 5/9/2014
Had one pop off once I attached the bungee cord. Takes a little effort to get them to lock but should do the job.
Review by Joanne. San Jose Ca Posted on 12/29/2013
These are very sturdy clips. I couldn't find a cover that work good for my patio table and chairs so I got a tarp and secured it with these clips. Worked great.
Review by Janna, Lakeway, TX Posted on 12/27/2013
I'm sure these will work great if I actually ever need them. For now, the covers I purchased are large enough to tuck under the legs of my outdoor furniture, so I haven't had to worry about the blustery winds that come from all directions at once. I will use these if the covers start to show wear from tucking them under the legs. For now, they are in the package!