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Furniture Cover Clips - Small

Item# 996.000
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List Price: $14.00 $10.99
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  • SMALL - 12L
  • Includes 2 12" elastic tie-down bungee cables
  • Clamps extend comfortably to 32 inches
  • Includes 4 Gust Guard cinching clamps
  • Includes installation instructions

Developed by our friends at Gust Guard™, these furniture cover clips are just what you need to help secure your cover to your equipment or furniture at all times.

The Gust Guard™ system uses a combination of clips and bungee cords to create its tight grip. All you have to do is attach the cinching clamps to the 4 corners of your cover and connect each pair of clips with your 2 elastic tie-down bungee cables. No more covers blowing in the wind and no unexpected damage to your equipment -- it will fight Mother Nature to stay covered!
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Review by S. Bruno, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 Posted on 6/22/2015
Looking forward to using them in the Winter to keep my new covers secure on my new patio furniture.