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Holiday Storage Buying Guide

What size tree bag do you need? We have sizes to accommodate 2 to 15 foot trees.

Do you have extra space hidden somewhere to store your holiday décor? Almost all of us have space somewhere in our home that we're not utilizing efficiently. Will you store it in the garage, attic, or closet? We have options that fit every need, like our Hanging Gift Wrap Bag for your closet or our Ornament Storage Bags designed to slide comfortably in tight spaces.

Do you need your storage to be stackable to save more space? We offer hard-sided and soft-sided options - if you need to stack it high, hard-sided options would be best for you!

Do you need your storage options to be lightweight? We sell various sizes so you can buy just the right size for your needs. If weight's your primary concern, buy the smaller tree bags and put one section in each bag or buy several of the smallest ornament boxes to accomodate all of your ornaments. Also, when hard-sided and soft-sided options are available, opt for the soft-sided. They're easier to carry and weigh less!

Do you have wall space to hang things up? If you have free wall space in your garage, attic or basement, you can utilize our Heavy-duty reinforced D-ring that's available on most of our products.

How will you transport the décor to storage? We offer duffel bags designed to be carried by one person, cinch bags that are easier carried with two people or the rolling option which is the simplest for everyone!

Label all your boxes so it'll be easier to find what you need next year. We suggest numbering your boxes in order of what will be unpacked first and store things together that will be displayed together. We offer Clear ID Windows with ID cards for labeling and ClearView windows for easy identification. We also suggest that you pack a special kid-friendly box so your little one can begin decorating right away!

Do you need to store ornaments that are different shapes and sizes? All of our ornament storage options offer adjustability to accommodate various ornament sizes.

How do I know if I'm buying quality products? All of our items are constructed of a superior thread weave of 600 x 600 polyester for optimum durability and backed with a thick PVC lining which provides extra stability and eliminates moisture penetration. We also reinforce the inside of our bags at lifting stress points with durable webbing and double stitched seams with channel lock stitching - and it's all backed by a 3-year warranty.

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