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How to Clean Your Car Covers

It's important to clean and maintain your car, truck or SUV cover for optimal performance throughout its use. Below, we've provided instructions for both hand washing and machine washing your vehicle cover. Please read to see which is the more feasible option for you.

*Please note: CoverMates™ Elite and Ultima car covers should only be hand washed.

Instructions for Hand Wash

*You can either remove or leave the car cover on your vehicle to hand wash. Leaving it on tends to be easier to clean the surface area of the cover.

  • Prepare

    Start by mixing an ounce of mild dish-washing liquid per quart of warm water.

  • Clean

    Next, apply the soapy water with either a sponge or a soft bristle brush, gently cleaning away dirt.

  • Rinse

    Use plain water to rinse cover until no suds remain.

  • Dry

    Allow car cover to completely air dry before storing away.

Instructions for Machine Wash

Remove center agitator in your washing machine before inserting the cover.

  • Prepare

    Insert your car cover into the washer and fill with warm water. Once full, add ¼ cup laundry detergent (no fabric softener).

  • Clean

    After adding the detergent set your wash cycle.

  • Rinse

    After wash, run the rinse cycle twice to ensure all detergent is removed.

  • Dry

    Allow cover to air dry completely before placing back on vehicle or storing.

Please Note: No cover is completely waterproof.

High performance car covers are designed with various levels of water-resistance while still being breathable to provide a maximum amount of protection for your vehicle. If your vehicle is exposed to harsh elements, such as constant moisture or snow, or is covered outside for long periods at a time, trapped moisture can occur, which can sometimes cause the painted surface to appear cloudy.

Whether you choose to clean your cover often or not, removing it periodically and checking for moisture/condensation can help deter water residue and the "fogging" effect that often occurs on car windows in varying temperature conditions. Dry off areas where moisture is present and let the cover air out before reapplying to vehicle.

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