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How to Measure > Cushion + Cover Storage Bags

Storing your cushions and covers properly will prevent damage and prolong their life. Follow these instructions to quickly find the right size:

Before measuring the L, W, and H of your patio cushions, you should determine the best way to store them in our cushion storage bags. They can either be stored on their sides or laid flat in the storage bags. This will help you determine how many bags you'll need for all your patio cushions and pillows.

H = Height, determined by measuring from the ground to the top of the storage bag

L = Length, found by measuring the longest side of the storage bag.

W = Width, calculated by measuring the shorter side of the storage bag.

Storage Tips

  • Patio furniture cushions, pillows and covers should be stored in a clean, dry location under a patio or in a basement, garage or shed. Our storage bags have vents to promote air flow and keep cushions from developing an odor, so they should not be subjected to weather elements.
  • Patio furniture covers are stored in our cover storage bags. The number of covers stored per bags depends on the size of the covers. For example, 3-4 chair covers can be folded and placed in one of our cover storage bags, but only 1 large table and chair cover may be folded and fit in the storage bag.
  • Bigger is Better, so select an outdoor protective storage bag size that's slightly larger than your cushion dimensions or your outdoor covers.

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