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How to Measure > Outdoor TV Covers

Finding the right measurements for your TV can be quickly done by using this diagram and instructions:


H = Height, determined by measuring from the top bezel (the frame around the screen) of the TV down to the bottom bezel.

L = Length, found by measuring the horizontal bezel from left to right across the front of the TV.

W = Width (also called depth), calculated by measuring the thickness of the bezel from front to back.

Covering Tips

  • Don't position your flat panel TV where it can be harmed directly by the elements. No cover will be able to protect the TV in this type of environment.
  • Remember, you want to cover the entire TV, not just the screen. Therefore, knowing the diagonal screen size is not enough to determine which cover will fit best. To ensure the best fit, measure your TV as shown above to find the proper cover.
  • Our outdoor TV covers are constructed with a little foregiveness built into them. If your TV's length, width or height, is within 1 or 2 inches of our TV cover dimensions, the cover's probably going to provide an acceptable fit.
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