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Round Table Covers

Round Table Covers

What Size Do I Need?

  • Measure your furniture based on the illustration to the right
  • Select a cover that's slightly larger in D than your table
  • Dimensions below for each item are for the cover, not your table
  • The H of your table cover should be shorter than your table

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Round Table Covers

The round table is the the one most commonly found on patios. Why is that? Maybe it has to do with how people sat around campfires in a circle long ago. Times changed, patio furniture came along, and we decided to keep sitting in a circle, but around a table instead of a fire. Hence the need for these tables. And when it comes to protection, you won't find anything better than our round table covers. Available in a variety of quality materials, they're designed to fit the most popular sizes of round tables from all manufacturers. Need to cover a full set of table and chairs? Head over to our round table set covers section.