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Vehicle Cover Clips

(2) 36" Bungee Cables

Item# X09.000
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  • (2) 36" Bungee Cables
  • Includes 2 36" elastic tie-down bungee cables
  • Includes 4 Gust Guard cinching clamps
  • Includes installation instructions

Even when you have a perfectly sized cover there's still a chance the weather may go crazy and end up leaving your cover blowing in the wind.  We know how frustrating that can be, and that's why we're proud to offer these vehicle clips from Gust Guard!

The Gust Guard system uses a combination of clips and bungee cords to create its tight grip.  All you have to do is attach the cinching clamps to the 4 corners of your cover and connect each pair of clips with the 2 elastic tie-down bungee cables.  No more covers blowing in the wind and no unexpected damage to your vehicle -- it will fight Mother Nature to stay covered!
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Review by Howard U, Ann Arbor, MI Posted on 9/26/2016
Haven't tried on road yet to see how reliable they are but great design
Review by Bruce Holcomb, Sandhills, NC Posted on 8/11/2016
Ordered a custom cover for a Porsche Panamera. Excellent product with a perfect fit.
Review by David Marrs, Converse, TX Posted on 7/10/2016
Pretty good fit
Review by UFO, NM Posted on 4/23/2016
very good, it's worth the price
Review by William Johnson, Fort Mohave AZ Posted on 4/8/2016
With the new clips and bungie cord you have to lay on the ground to attach the clips. with the original strap I could just reach under the truck and grab the strap and snap it together it was much easier to use than the new way.The only problem with the original was the material the strap was made of.
Thank You
Review by Lettie Holland, Las Vegas, NV. Posted on 4/4/2016
Review by Constant Reyerse, Sebastopol, CA Posted on 1/23/2016
Clips hold tight, but bungy chords too short.
Review by MRM, GA Posted on 12/24/2015
Purchased vehicle cover clips for my Ultima car cover. The J-hook ends on the elastic bands are not metal. Instead they are a high-density plastic with rounded smooth tips which is good since they will not scratch the paint on the car nor jab into the car cover itself. The clips are also a high-density plastic. When the slider on the clip was cinched up, the clip "teeth" gripped the edge of the car cover tightly. Then simply insert the J-hook of the elastic band into a hole at the bottom of the clip... it was/is that easy. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. The item was as pictured/described on the website. Shipped 2nd day (email notice) and rec'd via UPS in a few days.
Review by Bigham, Marquette, MI Posted on 11/3/2015
easy to use and grips great!
Review by Tim, Redford, Mi Posted on 8/2/2015
Clips come loose to easy at times.
Review by Tim, Kalamazoo, Mi. Posted on 6/10/2015
Good idea, does the job.
Review by Craig, Arcadia, Ca. Posted on 5/8/2015
They are fine..... I think the elastic portion could be a tad beefier. The clips hold "kinda" tight, we'll see.
Review by T Leffler, Palm Springs , CA Posted on 2/22/2015
The product was as expected and worked wonderfully.
I am very happy with my purchase.
Review by Ria-DC, Washington, DC Posted on 12/12/2014
I bought a set of these along with a cover last year for my husband's Dodge Charger RT 2008. Strong winds can cause the cover to slip out of these clips. It has happened occasionally that we had to put the cover back on and refasten the clips. After a year, one of the clips got broken. So now a year later, I am buying two sets -- one to replace the broken set (that lasted only a year), and another as a spare set to have at hand in case the clips break again. We live in DC and do not have a garage at our house. My husband's car is parked outside on the street 24/7 because we do not drive it very often. That is why we got a cover for it and clips to keep the cover on. The clips are okay most of the time, but strong winds will cause the cover to slip out. So buy 2 sets of these so that you have a spare in case the first set breaks. Yes, they will break eventually because they are made of plastic. The bungee cords break as well. They will look like sausage links after sometime due to stretching. Longer bungee cords would have worked better IMO.
Review by FRED BENNETT, torrance ca Posted on 12/12/2014
works well!!!!!!!
Review by FRED BENNETT, TORRANCE,CA Posted on 12/8/2014
Review by Robert P, Sparks, NV Posted on 10/31/2014
GREAT PRODUCT! Lightspeed shipping. Thank you
Review by Robert Pekny, Sparks, NV Posted on 10/25/2014
Review by Erik C, Evergreen, CO Posted on 8/10/2014
Easy to attach and holds the cover securely against strong winds. I doubt this cover would come off anyway, but now I know it won't.
Review by O.Garcia, Las Vegas, NV Posted on 7/24/2014
The clamps work great to secure the car cover.
Review by Abel Falche, Puerto Rico Posted on 5/5/2014
Great item
Review by Lyle Cummings, Madera, Ca Posted on 4/23/2014
No problem installing the clips.
Review by Abel Falche, San Juan , PR Posted on 4/18/2014
Great items for windy season,great protection for my porsche 2013
Review by M.Maynor, Farmersville, Tx Posted on 3/29/2014
The first day of use the wind pulled the plastic gripper loose and the cover lifted up on the front and back. After folding the material a bit and resetting the gripper it seems to be doing the job. The teeth in the gripper look a bit aggressive and I hope that use does not damage my new cover. Only time will tell if does I will remove them.
Review by Larry, Oakland ca Posted on 12/28/2013
Seems to hold my car cover down pretty good
Review by Elwood Annap[olis, md Posted on 12/27/2013