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4 Pack Frost Blankets/50 Pack Garden Staples Set

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Specifications & Features
Protect your plants and garden through every season with our CoverMates™ 4 pack Frost Blankets and 50 pack Garden Staples Set.

Made from breathable Polypropylene, our frost blankets were intentionally designed to provide temporary protection to plants from outdoor elements while still keeping plants warm and hydrated - even while being covered!

To secure frost blankets in place, 50 heavy-duty, galvanized garden staples are included to ensure plants are always protected, regardless of severe winds, erosion or grazing animals. And we’ve made handling a breeze with our angled-tip staples for easy soil insertion/removal.

Our CoverMates™ Frost Blankets and rust-resistant Garden Staples are both reusable so you don’t have to worry about finding replacements with the turn of every season - and you can get back to really enjoying your garden again.

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