Car Cover Buying Tips

If you're looking for an auto cover to protect your car, there are many options available from Coverstore. First, determine what the primary use of the auto cover is, as that will influence the type of material to select for the best protection for your automobile. We like to segment our materials selections into 2 main categories: and .

Indoor Auto Covers

Indoor Car CoversIndoor auto covers don't require the same kind of high performance materials that are used for our outdoor car covers, which often makes them more affordable. We recommend our for indoor use, as it'll keep the dirt and dust away while also offering protection from dings and scratches.

Since wind blowing the cover off is not a concern when kept indoors, the looser fit of a Universal cover is an adequate option for the normal consumer. However, if you're an auto enthusiast and demand the absolute best indoor protection, then we suggest our Covercraft Dustop 4-layer auto cover. It's custom made to fit the exact year of your automobile, whether it's a classic or a brand new one, and offers the ultimate in soft, fitted protection for indoor use.

Outdoor Auto Covers

Outdoor Car CoversOutdoor auto covers are more popular and have more choices of materials with different performance characteristics to meet the demands of different environments. To see a list of all our auto cover materials, see our Material Overview page.

The way an auto cover fits becomes very important if it's going to be used outdoors. At Coverstore, we offer 3 types of fitments in all our car covers: Universal, Semi-Fitted and Custom car covers. When purchasing a cover for outdoor usage, it's recommended you purchase either a Semi-Fitted or Custom auto cover for the optimal protection from a windy environment.

While all of our covers have loops and grommets sewn into the hem that can be used to tie the cover on tighter, it's definitely more laborsome to secure your cover this way. A more tailored cover that fits snug to your vehicle's profile enables the cover to resist the problems often associated with high winds with little to no effort other than putting the cover on your vehicle.

Types of Fits for Auto Covers

Our Contouor Fit covers are tailored to fit the form of your automobile, but lack the details and exacting pattern matching found in a Custom car cover.

Coverstore sells Contour Fit auto covers in 3 high performance materials, including solution-dyed polyester. As far as we know, we're the only company selling a solution-dyed auto cover like this. Other retailers only offer solution-dyed material choices in their more expensive custom-fitted auto covers. All our Contour Fit covers are in stock at our warehouse and ship in 1-2 days.

Custom auto covers are "perfit" for auto enthusiasts and quality-minded customers. Going Custom expands your selection of material and color options to choose from. Of course, there's a premium to be paid for a Custom car cover that fits and protects like a glove.

Each of our Custom covers is made by Covercraft Industries, the largest Custom car cover manufacturer in the world. They still make their auto covers the old fashioned way – one at a time in the good 'ole US of A!