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  1. Get Covered for Fall

    There’s nothing quite like those crisp autumn nights by the fire pit, cozying up on your favorite chaise or outdoor sofa. But while the falling leaves may bring a warm feeling of joy and contentment to you, they also signify that your patio furniture is susceptible to harmful elements that could do permanent damage. At Coverstore, we want you to enjoy your backyard through every season, which is why it’s important we let you know how and why you should protect your investment.

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  2. Product Spotlight: Outdoor TV Covers

    Having an outdoor TV requires careful thought and consideration. Deciding on the size, brand, and placement can be difficult on its own, but what about protecting your new screen when all is said and done? We’ve engineered outdoor TV covers of all sizes and styles so finding the protection you need is easier than deciding what to watch.

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  3. Product Spotlight: Covermates Custom Vehicle Covers

    Our line of Custom vehicle covers was created with THAT car in mind. The one that turns heads when it drives by. The one that will be admired for generations. From the classic cruiser to the new-age muscle car, these covers are tailored to perfectly protect your timeless ride.

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  4. How to Store Your Cover

    Storing your outdoor furniture cover long-term will ensure that it is ready for use when you need it again. Going through the proper steps to clean, fold and put away your cover will prevent additional wear and tear so you can stay protected for years to come.

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  5. Why You Need Summer Coverage

    When the sun is shining and the sky is clear, it’s easy to forget that outdoor protection is still necessary in the summer. Just because it’s not raining or snowing, doesn’t mean that your patio furniture is immune to damage. In fact, leaving your backyard items exposed all summer long could mean you’ll be buying more when spring rolls around. 

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  6. Meet the Dads of Coverstore

    This Father's Day, we're celebrating the dads who make us great. They put the "family" in our family-first values and are always ready to get the job done. They come in every day ready to build us up, then go home to be the superheroes their kids know and love. To sum it up, we have a lot of great dads on our team and would love for you to meet a few.

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  7. Product Spotlight: Grill Covers

    We know that when it comes to shopping for outdoor grill covers, the options are endless, when in reality you might not even know what differentiates one seller from another. As the experts in outdoor protection, we believe it’s our job to educate our customers on why our products stand out from the competition. From the variety of sizes and materials to the extra steps we’ve taken to ensure quality, we’re confident The Cover Store has the perfect protection for your grill.

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  8. Ready or Not, Here Comes Pollen

    The first day of spring is fast-approaching and we all know that with the blooming flowers and sunshine comes lots and lots of pollen. Make sure your outdoor lifestyle is well-prepared.

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  9. 5 Step Guide to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture Cover

    Finding ways to protect all the things you love from life’s little hazards can be a daunting task at best. Comparing products, prices and reviews requires a lot of time and energy, so naturally you’ll want to be sure that the protection you end up choosing actually ‘protects’.

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  10. A Guide to the Perfect Game Day Setup

    February is near, which means the Big Game is so close we can hear the screaming crowds, taste the buffalo wings and burgers, and see our team proudly holding up the Vince Lombardi Trophy. If you’re like us, you’re planning for a crowd as big as the one at NRG Stadium and will spare no expense in ensuring the party is as thrilling as the halftime show. Lucky for you, we have some great ideas for bringing the excitement outside. Check out these tips on setting up an outdoor entertainment center that’s perfect for you and your guests.

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