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  1. High quality grill cover in Prestige Stone

    How to Choose the Right Grill Cover

    Looking to keep your grill protected from the elements? Explore our quick guide on how to find the right grill cover to fit your needs.
  2. Pergola shades

    Beat the Heat with Custom Pergola Shades

    Pergolas offer some relief from the heat, but when summer is in full swing, you need a little extra help. With a versatile and durable design, our Custom Pergola Shades are sure to keep you cool all summer.
  3. Blue outdoor curtains hanging next to a pool

    How to Hang Outdoor Curtains

    Learn a few different ways to hang your outdoor curtains and transform your outdoor living space.
  4. Stack of outdoor cushions

    Elevate Your Outdoors with Custom Cushion Covers

    Learn more about our new custom cushion covers and how they can help transform your outdoor seating.
  5. Coverstore design team sitting outside

    Behind the Design: Curtains, Cushions, & Pergola Shades

    Go behind the scenes with our product development team to learn more about our latest Outdoor Living arrivals - cushion covers, pergola shades, and two new types of outdoor curtains.
  6. Outdoor patio furniture covers

    Why You Need Outdoor Furniture Covers

    In this guest post with Shelley from Crazy Wonderful, learn why you need outdoor furniture covers and how they can preserve your outdoor lifestyle.
  7. Pollen on white patio furniture cushions

    How to Keep Pollen Off Patio Furniture

    Follow this guide to learn how to clean pollen off your outdoor furniture, and how to keep it clean all year long.
  8. Outdoor TV on a patio

    Outdoor TV Covers vs. Enclosures

    Find out if you should be using an outdoor TV cover or TV enclosure to protect your investment.
  9. Tips for Using Your Outdoor Furniture Cover

    Tips for Using Your Outdoor Furniture Cover

    Read these tips and tricks for using your outdoor furniture cover to ensure you're getting the most out of it and keeping it clean so it works as it should.
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