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  1. How To Winterize Patio Furniture

    How To Winterize Patio Furniture

    Are you looking to prepare your patio furniture for winter? These tips teach how to winterize your outdoor tables, chairs, fire pits, and more.
  2. Outdoor furniture set on a patio

    5 Tips to Prevent Outdoor Furniture Theft

    Explore the best ways to prevent your patio furniture from being stolen. Don't let thieves keep you from enjoying your backyard.
  3. Rectangular green air bag on a table with a cover being pulled over it

    How to Prevent Pooling Water on Patio Furniture Covers

    Find out the most common causes of pooling water on your patio furniture and the best ways to prevent it so your investment is always protected.
  4. Cabin covered with snow in a forest

    How to Winterize Your Cabin

    Unlike homes in warmer climates, winter cabins must be appropriately prepared for unpredictable weather. Whether this is your first winter away or a yearly tradition, we will review a few tasks you should consider before saying goodbye to your cabin.
  5. High quality grill cover in Prestige Stone

    How to Choose the Right Grill Cover

    Looking to keep your grill protected from the elements? Explore our quick guide on how to find the right grill cover to fit your needs.
  6. Blue outdoor curtains hanging next to a pool

    How to Hang Outdoor Curtains

    Follow our quick and easy tips on how to hang your patio drapes to keep your patio cool and shaded all year long.
  7. Pollen on white patio furniture cushions

    How to Keep Pollen Off Patio Furniture

    Follow this guide to learn how to clean pollen off your outdoor furniture, and how to keep it clean all year long.
  8. Tips for Using Your Outdoor Furniture Cover

    Tips for Using Your Outdoor Furniture Cover

    Our guide has you covered from water pooling to proper cover cleaning and storage. Follow these easy tips to ensure your cover performs its best all year.
  9. Group of patio furniture covers

    5 Step Guide to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture Cover

    Choosing the right cover can be challenging. With that in mind, we've created a simple guide to walk you through the process of picking the perfect cover for your outdoor patio furniture.
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