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  1. Above-ground pool covered in snow

    How to Winterize an Above-Ground Pool

    Proper winterization prevents the weather from brewing a nasty mess come spring when you want to cool off with a swim. We have done the work for you by identifying the steps and important factors to guide you through this process of prepping your above-ground pool for winter.
  2. Two Christmas tree duffel bags next to a Christmas tree

    How to Choose the Right Size Christmas Tree Storage Bag or Box

    The cardboard box your Christmas tree came in will not provide enough protection. Learn how to choose the right Christmas tree storage bag or box to keep your artificial tree looking like new for years to come.
  3. Christmas ornaments in a cardboard storage box

    7 DIY Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas

    Cleaning up after Christmas is a pain. Read our 7 DIY ornament storage ideas and get started on ornament organization today.
  4. Grey faucet cover on brick house

    How to Protect Outdoor Faucets

    With temperatures dipping below freezing, you need to make sure your home is protected. Learn the dangers of leaving your outdoor faucets exposed and the best ways to prevent frozen and burst pipes.
  5. Outdoor table and chairs covered in snow

    5 Tips for Winter Preparation

    From faucets to patio furniture, winter preparation is easy and saves time and money by avoiding hazards like burst pipes, broken AC units, and rusting cars. Learn how to minimize damage from the cold with these winter preparation tips.
  6. Why You Need Summer Coverage

    Why You Need Summer Coverage

    It may not be raining or snowing, but your patio furniture is not immune to damage. Learn the dangers of the sun and how to protect your outdoor furniture for years to come.
  7. Wreath hanging on a front door

    How to Store Christmas Decorations

    Learn several methods of how to store the most popular types of holiday decorations including wreaths, Christmas lights, gift wrap, and fine china.
  8. How to Store Christmas Trees

    How to Store Christmas Trees

    Properly storing your artificial Christmas tree will ensure it looks great year after year. Follow these three easy steps to make holiday clean-up a breeze.
  9. How to Winterize Outdoor Fountains

    How to Winterize Outdoor Fountains

    Leaving your fountain exposed to winter weather can be disastrous. Learn how to properly store your fountain for winter to avoid structural and aesthetic damage.
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