Organization Solutions by Room

Never able to find what you need when you need it? It’s time to get organized! Cleaning the whole house in one go can seem overwhelming and discourage you from feeling motivated to get the task done. At Coverstore, we advise breaking your cleaning process up. Cleaning a room or even a section of a room every day gets the job done without feeling overwhelmed and losing steam.


Dish storage boxes are a great way to store holiday cups, stemware, and fine china to keep them clean and ready to use for holidays and special occasions. Make use of our ID windows for easy labeling.

Clear your counter of clutter. Store small appliances and infrequently used items, such as your slow cooker or bread maker, in kitchen appliance covers to keep them clean and your kitchen organized.

Dish storage boxes


Don’t waste the area under your bed—use it for storage! Store extra linens, seasonal clothing, and shoes organized and clean in one of our under bed storage boxes.

Keep your kids' toys out of the way by installing shelves with storage bins.

Try using hanging hooks keep jewelry, backpacks, and purses organized.

Underbed storage


Make the most out of your closet by creating an organization system that works for you. Arrange your clothes by how often you wear them, season, or even color. Take this opportunity to rotate your clothes so you wear pieces you have neglected and keep a box on hand for donations.

If you have suits or nice dresses, keep them clean and protected by investing in a garment bag.

During the warm months, you don’t need bulky sweaters and jackets hogging room in your closet. Canvas sweater storage bags store away two thick cardigans or 4 thin sweaters so you can fill your closet with sun dresses and tank tops.

Place shoes you want to keep pristine in shoe bags to keep them from getting separated, scratched, and scuffed.

Trying to wrap gifts can be complicated when your scissors and tape are hidden on your desk and rolls of wrapping paper are scattered around the closet. Keep all your gift-wrapping materials in one place. Our hanging gift wrap bag can hold up to 20 standard rolls of gift wrap and has plenty of space for gift tags, gift bags, ribbons, tape, and all your other gift wrapping essentials. Nowhere to hang it? We also have gift wrap box organizers which can easily be slid under a bed.

Switching summer sheets for flannel doesn’t have to be a game of hide-and-seek. Canvas blanket storage bags let you store extra sheets, blankets, and bedding until you need it.

Closet organized the canvas bags and garment covers.


The medicine cabinet can get chaotic and out of hand. Group medicines by type (allergy, cold, pain relief) and place them in small bins. If several people in your family have different medications, have individual bins for everyone to keep things organized and avoid confusion. You can also purchase pill organizers to organize medications by week. Place pill bottles in the bottom of the bin and stack the organizer on top. Refill at the end of each week so you're ready for the next.

Storage bins can also be used underneath the sink to organize cotton swabs, brushes, combs, makeup, and other bathroom essentials.

Use a peg rack, hooks, or back-of-the-door organizers to hang towels, brushes, and everything else you need to get out of the way.

Living Area

The coffee table often becomes a cluttered home for magazines, papers, and books. Keep everything off the table unless you’re using it with storage boxes. These can easily be slid beneath the table or off to the side of a couch.

Behind the sofa is an ideal space for storage. Tuck a canvas blanket storage bin behind the sofa for easy accessibility to blankets and pillows while keeping them out of the way when guests are over.

If you have kids, the living room can easily become a playroom. Assign a certain corner of the living room for toys. Add bookshelves and a large storage bin to keep toys out of sight when company comes over. For families with multiple kids, try assigning each child’s toys to a separate basket.

Storage bins and boxes


The office often becomes an area for everything that doesn’t fit elsewhere in your house. Use a small storage bin to organize note cards, post-its, and more. Label storage bins so you know where to find your items.

Declutter your desk and make sure that everything is where you need it. Position the supplies you use most often closest to your chair so you aren’t constantly reaching for it.

When you can, use digital documents instead of paper to cut down on clutter. For those must-have paper documents use file folders, binders, and dividers to keep your papers from becoming mountains on your desk. If you are overloaded with papers, create a “to file” folder and file all your documents once a week.

Game Room

Keep the party rolling by having your games clean and ready whenever you need them. Cover your ping pong table, pool table, air hockey table, and Foosball table with one of our durable game table covers.

Store board games in a medium zip-top storage box. Stack the boxes in a closet and label them so you can easily pull out the box containing the right games.

Covered game table


You can’t fit everything in your house, so some cherished items end up in the garage or attic. Use storage bins and boxes to keep your valuables clean and unbroken. If your garage tends to get humid or bugs frequently sneak in, you may want to use plastic storage bins instead of fabric ones.

Install a pegboard to store all your sports gear from baseball helmets to hockey sticks. Find an old mesh laundry bag to store footballs, volleyballs, and more.

Keep all your holiday storage items clean, organized, and ready for the most wonderful time of the year. Use storage sets for everything from ornament storage to wreath storage to Christmas tree storage. Dedicate a space in your garage or attic exclusively for holiday decorations so it's easy to take them out and put them away.

To find the products you need based on the room, explore our Solutions by Room to find the organization and storage solutions that will work for you.

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