Tips for Using Your Outdoor Furniture Cover

Outdoor furniture covers extend the life of your patio furniture by protecting it from the beating sun and harsh rains. That means you can enjoy more barbeques and time lounging by the pool without having to invest in new furniture. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to make sure you are getting the most out of your covers.

How to Prevent Covers from Flying off or Ballooning on a Windy Day

Even if your furniture cover is a perfect fit, it can still blow off or hit against your patio furniture in severe gusts of wind. This could cause your furniture to get scratched or left to the mercy of the elements.

The solution to this problem? Cover clamps! Clamps secure covers, keeping furniture covered in harsh conditions. You may think that using rocks or furniture weights are an effective way to keep your covers from blowing away. However, these items are not designed to work with your furniture covers without damaging them.

Cover clamps are specifically designed to keep covers secure. Coverstore's high-quality outdoor furniture covers are designed to stay put through all weather conditions. However, we understand that sometimes you just need a little more piece of mind, and our cover clamps will give you the extra security you are looking for.

How to Use Cover Clamps on Your Outdoor Furniture Cover

Slip the clamps on after you place the cover on the furniture, especially if wind or rain are in the forecast. The Gust Guard™ system uses a combination of bungee cords and clamps to keep furniture covers secure.

Follow these instructions to secure your furniture cover:

  1. Place the cover over the piece of furniture and secure any buckle straps or drawcords.
  2. Unlock the clamp by pressing on the center lever and sliding the crossbar towards the hook insert.
  3. Secure the clamps to the opposite sides of the cover bottom. Place the clamp’s teeth over the cover’s hem. Slide the cross bar towards the teeth until the clamp locks in place.
  4. Place a bungee cord behind the front wheel or leg of the piece of furniture. Attach the hook through the insert of the left front and right front clamps.
  5. Place the second bungee cord behind the rear wheel or leg of the piece of furniture. Attach the hook through the insert of the clamps in the left-rear and right-rear.

cover clamps

How to Put on and Remove Large Covers

Furniture covers are flexible so they are easy to place on and take off. Work with a team of people, such as your family members, to secure and remove large covers.

How to Put on Large Covers

  1. Find at least one other person to help. If the cover is very large, gather two or three people.
  2. Have everyone take a side of the cover.
  3. With your team, hold the cover over the top of the item you want to cover.
  4. Stretch out and roll down the sides of the cover over the piece of furniture.
  5. If the cover includes buckle straps, secure those around the legs of the furniture or beneath the center. If the cover includes a drawcord at the bottom hem, pull it tight. For extra protection, secure the cover with cover clamps.

How to Remove Large Covers

  1. Gather at least one other person.
  2. Release the cover clamps, buckles, and drawcord.
  3. Carefully roll the cover off the piece of furniture with your companion.
  4. Clean your cover if it is dirty so it is ready for the next time you need to use it.
  5. Fold and store.

How to Store Your Cover When Not Using It

Covers are extremely easy to store.

  1. Clean your cover so it is ready for when you need it next.
  2. Make sure your cover is completely dry.
  3. Fold the cover.
  4. Place it in a cover storage bag.
  5. Store in a garage or outdoor storage chest.

cover storage bags

Quick Cover Cleaning Tips

Clean furniture covers help keep your patio furniture spick and span. Never machine wash or use harsh chemicals on your patio cover. Hand wash covers with a mild soap and garden hose. Use a soft-bristled brush and scrub as needed. Allow your cover to air dry completely before placing it on furniture or storing. We have a variety of cleaning sprays and protectants designed to keep your covers working like new for years.

  • Multi-Surface Cleaner: Use this spray to brighten and rejuvenate the surface of your outdoor furniture covers. This cleaner can remove stubborn stains and spots from coffee, oil, grease, and ink. Simply spray, scrub with a soft brush or wet cloth, wipe it up, and let the cover dry. Repeat as necessary and increase scrubbing and soak time for heavy stains.
  • Vinyl Protective Cleaner: Use this powerful pray to prevent fading, cracking, and premature aging on your Vinyl furniture covers. This cleaner also restores lost color and luster, and dries to a clear matte finish. Plus, it adds superior protection against UV rays, meaning your cover will continue to look great throughout the summer. To use, simply spray and wipe.
  • Fabric Guard: One of our favorite sprays, this one strengthens and restores lost water repellency, while also protecting against both water-based and oil-based stains. This cleaner is safe for synthetic and natural fibers. To use, spray with cleaner and let dry, keeping away from heat, sparks, open flames, and moisture.

Check out all our patio furniture covers to find what you need to protect your patio.

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