Canvas Storage Bag - Up To 32 Short Compartments

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Easy Organization Solutions
With home life seemingly becoming more hectic day by day we need a simple solution to storage. One that is versatile, practical and efficient. Covermates Canvas Storage bags will tackle those in-home messes you have no idea how to handle. They can hold anything from Christmas décor to sweaters and blankets. The possibilities are endless. .

Details That Matter
Covermates storage bags allow for a wide rage of storage with a convenient clear window that allows you to instantly know its contents. The breathable cotton construction allows for air flow while blocking out dirt and dust. Finally, two carrying handles allows for easy transportation from the attic, to the closet or under the bed.

Our FlexGrid inserts are added to aid in storage organization with configurable compartments that can be customized for your needs! Each tray has pulltabs located on both ends to allow for easy removal, and the adjustable grids keep items safe even during transport.