Vehicle Cover Rating System

Performance rating information on our car cover materials can be found on any one of our product related and/or material related pages. Below are all 4 rated performance aspects pertaining to one specific vehicle cover material (you'll see all 4 communicated on either the below Performance Chart or our overall Material Comparison Performance Chart).

It's important to remember when shopping for a vehicle cover not to look for a cover material with the highest ratings in all categories, but instead to look for a cover material with good ratings in the areas that are most important to the environment where you'll be using the cover.

In fact, it's impossible to find a cover material with Best ratings across the board and even that wouldn't necessarily be ideal protection your vehicle. For example, the material that rates Best in "Breathability" is our Dustop indoor cover fabric. However, Dustop has a no water-resistance rating and is not recommended for outdoor use.

Another example is our Weathershield HP material, which is light in weight and easy to put on and take off, but has minimal rating in the Ding Protection category. Weathershield HP scores Best in Water Resistance, UV Rays, and Dirt & Dust categories, making it an ideal option for daily outdoor use.

Determining What Type of Cover You Need

Ask yourself the following:

  • Will my vehicle be stored inside or outside?
  • Will my vehicle be exposed to intense sunlight and heat?
  • Will my vehicle be exposed to excessive rain or heavy snowfall?
  • Is my vehicle susceptible to potentially damaging debris or someone bumping into it?
  • Will there be trees and animals around my vehicle?
  • How often will I put on and take off my vehicle cover?
  • What are the wind conditions around my vehicle?

After you've answered the questions above, we encourage you to review our Material Comparison Performance Chart to see which type of material options are available in the price range you're considering for your vehicle's protection and storage needs.

Next, begin narrowing your selections down by eliminating those materials that perform poorly in the areas that are of importance to you.

Once you've got a list of optimal performing materials based on your needs, you'll be able to determine which cover you feel confident in purchasing for your vehicle.

We believe using this will definitely make your selection much easier. However, if you still have questions about which cover material is right for you, email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist in the process!