Christmas Tree Duffel Bag Set

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How to Measure

How to Measure Your Christmas Tree

Before you order your storage bag, you will need to carefully measure the Christmas tree it is meant to hold. Keep in mind that height is a general guideline to choose a bag, but true fit will also depend on the girth and thickness of the tree, as well as whether it is a take-apart or hinged tree. Our guide below will walk you through the steps to correctly and accurately measure your tree to get the best fit.

Measure the tree while standing, from base to top.

*Keep in mind that this is a starting point to help you narrow down the bag size you need.
Section Height
Measure the length of the longest section while the tree is detached.

*If your tree does not have separate pieces, this measurement will be the same as the height.
Measure across the widest point of the tree while it is standing.

*This measurement will only be needed if you are purchasing an upright tree bag. If you have a hinged tree, fold the limbs in before measuring.
Section Width
Measure across the widest point of the tree when branches are collapsed.

*If you plan on storing multiple pieces in one bag, measure the girth of all the sections together.
Please round up your dimensions to the nearest inch.