Cleaning & Storage for Outdoor Covers

Like most things around your house, your CoverMates® Outdoor cover will inevitably collect dust, dirt and even stains. Just like the patio sofa or outdoor TV it's protecting, maintaining your cover properly overtime can mean the difference between a long life or an early death.

We’ve investigated the best cleaning method for your cover to ensure the process is quick, easy and can be done at no cost to you.

Care Instructions for Your Outdoor Cover

    • Use a garden hose to hand wash cover
    • For thorough cleaning, use mild soap and warm water with sponge or bristle brush
    • Allow to air dry completely before storing in dry area
    • Do NOT wash in washing machine
    • Do NOT use chemicals such as bleach
    • Do NOT use abrasive cleaning pads
    • Remove the cover periodically to check for moisture build-up
    • Use a towel to dry areas where moisture is present

NOTE: No cover is 100% waterproof due to various levels of water-resistance while still being breathable.