Outdoor Furniture Cover Cleaning & Storage

Storing your outdoor furniture cover long-term will ensure that it is ready for use when you need it again. Going through the proper steps to clean, fold and put away your cover will prevent additional wear and tear so you can stay protected for years to come.

How to Protect Your Cover

  • Use Fabric Guard to prevent permanent water-based or oil-based stains and to restore lost water repellancy.
  • During long periods of use, move your covered furniture to a covered area to prevent pooling of water and elongated UV exposure.

How to Clean Your Cover

  • Shake off cover to rid it of debris
  • Use a garden hose to rinse cover
  • Use mild soap and warm water with sponge or bristle brush. For our Classic covers, use a Vinyl Protective Cleaner to prevent fading,cracking and premature aging.
  • Use a towel to dry areas where moisture is present.
  • Please do not machine wash your cover.

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How to Secure Your Cover

  • To secure your cover to outdoor furniture, we highly recommend utilizing Cover Clamps to prevent your cover from shifting or blowing off your furniture.

How to Fold and Store Your Cover

  • Lay out your cover on a flat surface (i.e. a table or clean floor)
  • Square up the cover by folding in all angled & elastic sides
  • Fold the cover in half until it is at the desired size
  • If your cover is going to be stored in a garage or shed,store it in a water-proof container
  • If the cover is stored inside,simply use a Cover Storage Bag.

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Additional Tips

If you want to keep the covers close by for reapplying after temporary use of the furniture, you could utilize coverstore's storage bag and tie it to the back of your furniture.

Add a luggage tag or some other type of identifier to the storage tag to easily label each cover.