Coverking® Car Covers

Coverking Car Covers


If you're looking specifically for Coverking car covers, then you probably know they're one of the leading supplier of custom made car covers in the USA. In addition, they've established related categories of business such as dashboard covers, floor mats, custom seat covers and other aftermarket accessories.

While we, The Cover Store, were in the process of determining which company to partner with for our line of custom covers, we concluded that CoverCraft® Industries was the best company in the industry for a multitude of reasons, which is why we have them manufacture our line of custom car covers.

So if it's custom covers you're looking for, we highly recommend you take a look at our custom car cover options from CoverCraft®. As a manufacturer of car covers ourselves, we took great care in selecting a business partner that's trustworthy, reliable and produces fine quality products at a reasonable price. Coverking car covers are a viable choice as well - we just happen to believe that CoverCraft®'s are superior. You owe it to yourself to consider both, as they each have their particular strengths.

History of Coverking Custom Car Covers

Like CoverCraft®, Coverking started as a small operation is Southern California, but was officially founded a few decades later in 1986. The company was started by an engineer from the aerospace industry. They were able to apply state of the art (at the time) manufacturing techniques using CAD/CAM software to produce car accessories that where specific to the vehicle being built.

Their first product category was dashboard mats, then came the Coverking car covers. While not the pioneer in the custom car cover industry - CoverCraft® had been making similar covers as early as 1965 - Coverking carved out a niche of offering unique materials and fabrics for its line of custom car covers.

One unique aspect of Coverking car covers is the size of the sewn panels in their covers. They tend to cut bigger pattern pieces, which results in sewing less seams. Most other car cover manufacturers will try to maximize the yield of the material since it represents the largest portion of the products cost. The results of taking this approach are a more expensive custom car cover, but with fewer sewn seams.

All Coverking car covers come with a 1-year warranty, with the exception of Stormproof and Autobody Armour, which have a 4-year warranty. This is considerably less than many of the performance materials warranty terms made and sold by CoverCraft® Industries, which range from 3 to 5 years for car covers.