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CoverMates™ Outdoor Material Collections

Feature Comparison
Water Resistance Basic Good Better Best
Fade Resistance Basic Good Better Best
Breathability Basic Good Better Best
Durability Basic Good Better Best
Material Type 3-Ply Nonwoven Commercial Grade Vinyl Stock-Dyed Polyester Solution-Dyed Polyester
Price Basic Economical Moderate High
Warranty 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 7 Years


The Right Collection for You

To determine which collection is right for your needs, please review key differences between our CoverMates™ Select, Classic, Elite and Ultima covers below. Things to consider when buying: climate and weather conditions, features of product, longevity of product and your color preference for your backyard and patio setting.

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CoverMates™ Ultima Collection is our new premium line of solution-dyed polyester outdoor patio furniture covers.
Details »

  • ✔ Solution-Dyed 300-D Polyester
  • Discreet Mesh Vent
  • ✔ 360°Elastic Drawcord Locking System
  • 2x More Fade & Water Resistant
  • ✔ Securing Buckle Straps* (This feature varies based on product style)
  • Rust-Free Hardware
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Our CoverMates™ Elite Collection of patio furniture covers is our most popular choice for protecting your outdoor investments year-round. Details »

  • ✔ Stock-Dyed 300-D Polyester
  • ✔ Mesh Vent
  • ✔ 360°Elastic Hem
  • ✔ Treated to Repel Moisture
  • Rust-Free Hardware
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The CoverMates™ Classic Collection is our line of quality, affordable protection for your outdoor patio furniture year-round. Details »

  • ✔ Commerical 12-Gauge Vinyl
  • ✔ Mesh Vent
  • ✔ 360°Elastic Hem
  • ✔ Polyester Lining
  • Water Resistant
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Our CoverMates™ Select Collection of patio furniture covers is our starter line for reliable protection at a bargain price. Details »

  • ✔ Thick / Lightweight 3-layer material
  • ✔ 360° Drawcord Locking System
  • ✔ Tie-Down Straps
  • ✔ Breathable
  • Water-resistant