Covermates Organix Indoor Storage Covers

Our Covermates Organix material is used on a variety of our indoor products, like canvas organizers and kitchen appliance covers.

Organix Collection Features:

  • Unbleached, undyded cotton
  • 10oz weight - durable, yet lightweight
  • Uncoated for superior breathability
  • 2-Year Warranty


The Covermates Organix line is made from lightweight natural cotton with no harmful dyes or chemicals. Its breathable nature helps prevent musty odors from building up on items like sweaters or comforters, and its light weight is handy for covering appliances that you use often.


We recommend spot cleaning when needed, beginning with a damp cloth and working in a mild detergent if the stain is not removed with ease. Please spot clean as soon as the stain is noticed and before it is set.

Although our 100% cotton fabric is washable, we DO NOT recommend hand washing or machine washing any of the cotton styles because they will shrink. Submersion of the product into water will cause the cotton fabric to shrink. We've tested the cleaning method by washing the covers in both hot and cold water in normal cycles. We determined the material shrinks not in the drying cycle, but in the wash, and in all temperatures of water whether machine washed or hand washed.