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If it's a custom car cover you're looking for, Coverstore's got you covered with over 67,000 patterns to choose from!

Our knowledge and expertise in the cover industry stems from the process in which we research, design, manufacture and sell our very own Covermates brand for outdoor and indoor protective covers. When it came to the opportunity to do custom car covers, we knew we had to partner with a company capable of attaining our brand standards.

Company of Choice

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Covercraft is reputably the world's leader and largest maker of custom car, truck and SUV covers. After doing extensive research on who we wanted to partner with, we decided with confidence to partner with number one.

During our research phase, we arranged to tour CoverCraft's facilities to observe the nuances of their production line and delivery operations. After we returned from our visit, we ordered and tested several of their custom car covers against other major custom car covers in the industry. We also read thousands of consumer reviews on Covercraft's custom car covers and their performance. When we were ready to make the decision, it was easy. Clearly, the custom car, truck and SUV covers produced by Covercraft are the best in the world!

We're so confident about the quality of materials and craftsmanship with Covercraft custom car covers that we give our customers an additional 2-year bonus warranty. With this bonus, the warranty period on Covercraft custom materials ranges from 4 to 7 years. To learn more about our custom car cover partner, check out our Covercraft page.

Covercraft believes, as we believe, that 100% waterproof car covers are not the best choice for the preservation of your vehicle. All of CoverCraft's custom car cover materials have varying degrees of "breathability," which means they're not waterproof and under certain conditions susceptible to moisture passing through the fabric. To learn more on this subject, visit our page on Waterproof Car Covers.

Expect PerFITion

Each custom cover order is made to the exact specifications of the make, model and year of your vehicle, so you can expect a perfect fit every time.

How is this possible? In total, Covercraft has nearly 67,000 patterns of custom-fit car covers collected and archived since 1965 from auto industry data around the world.

These patterns include vehicles that are over 100 years old! There are even patterns in the extensive library for vehicles with special options or customizations like roll bars, grille guards, hood scoops, rear wings, camper shells, etc. Add the 7 choices you have in custom fabrics, and there are nearly 500,000 options to choose from in our custom car cover assortment!

One of a Kind?

Perhaps you have a customized one-of-a-kind car, truck or SUV. No worries - you can call us at 1 (866) 889-8896 or email us at [email protected] and we we'll do the research for you.

Who Uses Custom Car Covers?

There are a variety of reasons why custom car, truck and SUV covers are popular today. Many of us are extremely particular about the way our vehicles look. In today's economy, many of us prefer to make what we have last as long as possible. Vehicle maintenance often looks like weekly washes, regular tuneups and preventative parking to avoid potential damage from direct sun and/or door dings and scratches. Whether you're a car collector or just depend on your vehicle for everyday transportation, an automotive investment is much like caring for a beloved pet.

Custom covers for cars, trucks and SUVs

If you fall into this category, a Custom-fit car cover makes perfect sense for you because you want your vehicle to look as good with a cover on as it looks with the cover off! A Stock car cover just won't cut it. Since Custom car covers are tailor made to your car's specifications, including mirror pockets in most cases, it'll fit like a glove and meet with your approval. This tailored fit will also provide better protection for your vehicle because the Custom car cover will hug closer to your car to keep the elements out.

Car, truck and SUV collectors and restorers recognize the best way to protect their investment is to use Custom car covers, Custom truck covers and Custom SUV covers because they're the best covers in terms of material performance. Custom car covers are made in fabrics that have specialized features for specific performance levels, whereas Universal and Semi-Fitted covers are made from materials with more general characteristics. These Custom fabric features include things like high water-resistance and superior UV-blocking capabilities; heavy fabric and multi-layer construction to guard against dings and scratches; and superior protection against excess winds and heat build-up under the cover, as well as dust and dirt barriers.

One of the most important features in a good Custom car cover is the degree of breathability. To provide the best protection possible for your vehicle, the Custom car cover must breathe. Read more about this by going to our Breathable Car Covers page.

Honestly, when it comes to keeping your vehicle looking as pristine as the day you covered it, there's nothing like a Custom cover!


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