Custom Size Sectional Set Cover

Collection: Ultima Ripstop Tan
Made to Order - Ships in 3-4 weeks

How to Measure Your Sectional Set

Before you order your custom size cover, you will need to carefully measure the sectional set it is meant to cover. Our guide below will walk you through the steps to correctly and accurately measure your sectional set cover to ensure you get the best fit. Before you begin measuring, move your furniture together in the position it will be covered in.

Measure the widest side of the sectional set from left to right.

*Start measurement at the leg base or arms, whichever is the widest point.
Measure the deepest side, adjacent to the width, from the back to front of the sectional.

*Start measurement at the top or bottom of the sectional back if the furniture has a curvature design.
Measure from the ground to the top of the sectional.

*We recommend a cover 1-2 inches shorter than the furniture for breathability.
Please round up your dimensions to the nearest inch.
Collection Spotlight
The Covermates Ultima collection is woven with highly durable solution-dyed Polyester to provide year-round protection from harsh elements and UV damage. Backed by a 7-year best-in-class warranty, Ultima is built to last.
Collection Spotlight
The Covermates Prestige collection was designed to be aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing durability or performance. The 900-denier solution-dyed polyester fabric and 10-year warranty makes Prestige the best on the market.