Covercraft Form-Fit® Car Covers

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Material Features

Covercraft's Form-Fit® is an ultra soft material designed for indoor use. Made with a combo of lycra, spandex, and terry cloth, it's ideal for vehicles that you only pull out for special occasions or a small part of the year.

  • Plush lycra/spandex material stays tight and retains its shape

  • Super soft - 100% cotton terry loop inner layer

  • Neoprene elastic hem in front and back for secure fit

  • Great breathability - perfect for indoor storage

  • Machine washable in most front load washers/dryers

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Material Details

One of the issues car covers is that depending on what the inside layer's made of, it may cause problems with your car's finish. Form-Fit® takes care of that by using an ultra soft cotton fleece on the inside. As Covercraft puts it, it truly pampers your paint job!

Fit can also be an issue if the cover isn't sized properly. While Covercraft is known for producing the best custom-fit covers in the world, the Form-Fit® material takes it one step further, creating a cover that truly does fit like a glove. Thanks to the stretchy nature of both lycra and spandex, it stretches just enough to fit your specific vehicle, but stays tight enough to retain its shape and prevent and gaps that could let dust, bugs, or anything else inside.

Form-Fit® is perfect for the following uses:

  • Long-term storage for vehicles not being used, or used infrequently
  • Areas with regular high winds

Caring for your Form-Fit® Car Cover

By cleaning your Form-Fit® car cover, you'll ensure its optimal performance which means you'll receive the ultimate protection for your vehicle.

Cleaning your car cover periodically prevents fogging from occuring on your vehicle's windows.

A household or commercial washer can be used to wash your car cover, but the center agitator must be removed. Begin washing by inserting the cover in the washer, filling with warm water and adding ¼ cup laundry detergent. Run the rinse cycle twice to ensure all detergent has been removed. Allow cover to air dry before placing back on vehicle or storing.

To keep your cover looking and performing its best we suggest following these cleaning tips:

  • Remove the washing machine's agitator beforehand
  • Do not use a fabric softener
  • Air dry only

To hand-wash your Form-Fit® car cover we suggest leaving it on your vehicle. Mix an ounce of mild dish-washing liquid per quart of warm water. Spray or sponge soapy water onto cover and clean with sponge or soft bristle brush. Rinse with plain water until no suds are evident and allow to air dry. Do not store cover when wet.

Important Note: No cover is completely waterproof.

We recommend removing your Form-Fit® car cover periodically to check for any evidence of moisture. If moisture is present, we suggest allowing the surface of your vehicle as well as the cover to completely dry before placing the cover back onto your vehicle. This will prevent trapped moisture from leaving a cloudy residue on your paint's surface.

Form-Fit® is a registered trademark of CoverCraft Industries.

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