Covers for Stok Grills

STŌK grills provide the ultimate experience for foodies and grillers alike. Protect your grilling experience with a Covermates STŌK grill cover in multiple colors and sizes. 

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33W x 44D x 55Hx

Tips for selecting the best STOK Grill cover

Tips for selecting the best STOK Grill cover

W = Width measure left to right, across front of grill (include side tables if they will remain in the up position)
D = Depth measure front to back of grill
H = Height measure from ground to top of grill hood (when closed)

Select a cover that best fits the dimensions for your grill.

If a cover with your exact dimensions isn’t available, choose one that is slightly larger.

Cover is designed to include extra space between the hem and ground for necessary air circulation.


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