Covers for Traeger Grills

Firing up your Traeger gives you the power to grill, smoke, bake, and BBQ. Shop our Covermates barbecue covers to provide the ultimate protection for the grill you love.

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  1. Traeger Smoker Cover
    Traeger Smoker Cover
    Starting at $56.99
    Available Sizes
    46W x 20.5D x 47H
    49W x 22D x 47H
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  2. BBQ Grill Cover
    BBQ Grill Cover
    Starting at $32.99
    Available Sizes
    32W x 24D x 40H
    45W x 24D x 42H
    53W x 24D x 44H
    57W x 24D x 44H
    60W x 25D x 45H
    66W x 26D x 45H
    70W x 28D x 46H
    80W x 30D x 46H
    92W x 30D x 46H
    size config