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Shopping for the right car cover can be quite daunting due to all the various types of materials and fits available online, which is why we're providing you the below glossary of in-depth yet comprehensive information on what you need to know as you shop around. This information will help you determine what car cover attributes are pertinent to your vehicle's protection so your cover will perform at its maximum potential in the environment in which it's being utilized. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at 1(866) 889-8896 or [email protected].

Materials Summary

This page provides an illustration for each of our 11 unique vehicle cover materials along with brief material summaries of the material's distinguishable features. To read more on a specific material type, click on the material logo or the swatch image.

Material Comparison Chart

We've created this comprehensive chart to help you compare ratings of the 11 different vehicle cover materials we offer across the 14 performance areas relative to your vehicle's protection. It also provides you a comparative overview of what materials are available in Stock and Custom Made, the types of use (indoor/outdoor) and the material's starting price points.

Vehicle Cover Rating System

Our vehicle cover rating system has been created to help you determine which cover material will best meet the performance needs for the type of environment in which the cover will be utilized. It's important to note that while the rating system measures across all 14 performance areas, you'll want to focus primarily on the performance areas addressing the type of protection your vehicle requires.

How To Clean Your Vehicle Cover

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If you are in the market for a vehicle cover and are uncertain what is your best option, we encourage you to read the topics discussed in the below links. This information will help you determine the best choice for your vehicle's protection!

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