Helpful Info for Indoor Covers

We'd rather give you too much information than keep you in the dark regarding indoor dish and appliance storage solutions. We believe that our customers will be able to make better decisions on their purchases if they have access to this information. Below you will find a number of topics we have provided for you. Simply click on the one(s) that interest you and learn about the characteristics that separate our covers from the pack!

The Covermates Difference

Yes, we are a little biased, but we think our creative quality is better than what you'll find elsewhere and we want to tell you about it. Use this information to shop and compare.

Cleaning and Care

With just a small amount of attention, our indoor covers will give you years of use.

How To Measure

We want to be sure you know exactly how to measure your dishes, stemware, large serving pieces, etc. to make sure you get the right item. These easy-to-follow guidelines will help you get what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

We share with you what others who are shopping for the same types of products have asked. More importantly, we give you the answers!

Warranty Policy

We stand by all our covers with best-in-class warranty coverage. Learn about the coverage on all our indoor products.