Helpful Information for Outdoor Covers

It's our desire to supply as much information as possible so that good decisions can be made about the purchase of our outdoor protective covers. From time to time we may be guilty of over informing, but we feel the need to provide our expertise in every area we can so our customers make the right buying decisions. Listed below are subjects we cover with a brief description of the content we provide:

The Covermates Difference

A detailed explanation of the different protective cover materials we supply and the specific product features that separate Covermates outdoor covers from the rest.

How To Measure

Diagrams and a step-by-step guide to measuring whatever it is you are covering to be sure that the outdoor cover you buy is the one that will fit the best.

Cleaning and Storage

Tips you can follow regarding the care of your protective cover to maximize its use and lifespan.

Cover Material Differences

We market 4 types of Covermates outdoor protective covers and provide a side-by-side comparison to be sure that our customers purchase the covers that are right for them.


What better way to learn how a company operates and how their products perform than to read comments made by existing customers! We regularly update this page to be sure you are reading the most recent comments because they're an indication of how we're doing at the present time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We talk to thousands of customers and have put together a list of the most popular questions, along with the appropriate answers. This is not only valuable for you to find answers for questions you might have, but to also answer questions you may not have thought to ask!

Warranty Policy

Got a question about what our warranties cover or how long they're good for? We spell it all out right here in plain English.