Treasurekeeper Storage Box

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Easy Organization Solutions
Trying to find a safe place to store Christmas decorations can be challenging when it comes to odd shapes and sizes. Ornaments are generally round but items like nutcrackers, snow globes, and glass figures vary vastly in size. Covermates Treasurekeeper Storage Box offers a versatile solution that accommodates a wide array of sizes, keeping uniquely shaped contents safe and uniformly organized during storage. What’s more, practical details also facilitate moving and keeping track of specific items to ensure your decorations are immaculate every holiday season.

Details That Matter
To meet any storage need, our Treasurekeeper Box is practical in shape, letting you store other holiday décor like candleholders, glass pumpkins, sculptures, and vases. Sturdy walls provide reliable protection that cardboard or plastic boxes cannot provide. While ID labeling and carrying handles also give you the upper hand when moving and sorting through your holiday décor.