How to Choose the Right Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

Finding ways to protect the things you love from all of life’s little hazards can be a daunting task at best. Comparing products, prices and reviews requires a fair amount of time and energy, so naturally you want to be sure the sacrifice pays off, not to mention that the protection you choose actually ‘protects’. After all, you wouldn’t risk driving your expensive vehicle around without the safety net of insurance to protect you in an accident, right? And yet, just simply having insurance won't protect you and your vehicle from every potential threat.

That is why finding, not just protection but the right protection, for all the things you love is so crucial. In fact, finding the right cover to protect your meticulously handpicked patio furniture could mean the difference between an expensive, temporary solution and a savvy, long-term investment.

At Coverstore, we believe the key to success is knowledge. Knowing what you want versus what you need will not only increase your chances of making the right decision, but help you save time and money in the process. Whether it’s price, region, color or style, each one of Coverstore’s collections have been designed to meet a variety of wants and needs.

We’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 Q&A’s to help you understand and filter through all of your options so you have no doubts when it comes to choosing the right cover for you and your outdoor furniture.


1. What should I expect during the selection process? br />

Our china dish covers and glassware covers are sold individually. What this means is you pay for only what you need, and at the same time you get a customized storage solution to protect all of your fine china and crystal. Our selection includes 35 different styles. This means there's a great chance you'll find a storage case to fit all of your dish storage needs. We're sure you'll find what you need to protect, store, and organize your china and crystal and fine collectibles as well!

In addition to the dish covers, we offer 15 different sizes of appliance covers. The appliance covers are designed to fit a wide range of kitchen appliances and brands. We realize there are no two appliance brands that are alike, so the appliance cover sizes will fit a variety of styles and brands.


The fabric we use is heavier than most fabrics used by other retailers. Our fabric is 3-ply, combining cotton and polyester fiber layers. We begin with 2 layers of 100% natural cotton fabric and add a third layer of polyester fiber between them. The polyester provides thickness and padding to protect your fine china and crystal and the cotton provides the softness next to your fine storables. We then quilt these 3 layers together for strength and durability. Most other retailers are using 2-ply materials and a thin layer of foam instead of a polyester fiber.


In addition to our material quality and craftsmanship, our products have been designed with protection in mind. So we've improved the standard dish cover by adding things like removable bottoms, thicker glassware inserts, and quilted plate dividers, just to name a few.

Our stemware cases and plate covers are a step above the others in quality and features. We know you'll be impressed!

Our stemware dividers are made from EVA (polyethylene) foam and are 3/8 of an inch thick. Most other retailers use cardboard. Cardboard can break or crease, weakening the overall strength of the product. Our EVA dividers do not break. They're resilient and they don't react to moisture, whereas cardboard will deteriorate. Ours won't.

Our plate dividers are made from the same high quality quilted and padded fabric as our cases. Because they're padded, they offer better protection. In addition, our dividers are the same size as the case. In other words, our dividers will cover and protect the entire plate, not just a small portion of it. And we don't use square dividers to fit a round plate. Our dividers are hand crafted and the raw edges are finished with the coordinating binding, not a piece of material that's been cut to size.