How To Fit Your Car Cover

Before Applying Your Vehicle Cover

  • Clean vehicle, removing all dirt and dust from paint surface
  • Allow vehicle to dry completely
  • Allow engine and exhaust pipes to cool
  • Removable outside antennas should be unscrewed and placed inside car (if possible)
  • For a permanent antenna, temporarily apply cover at the end of the vehicle where the antenna is located and do the following 3 steps:
    • Locate and mark where the antenna's base will meet the cover and mark a circle around the base where you will cut the antenna hole.

    • Remove cover from car and cut a small hole where you've made your circle mark on the cover.

  • Once you've cut your hole, center the antenna patch (included withStock Covers) underneath the cover over the cut region for stability. Note: The antenna patch has a small hole in the center to accommodate your vehicle's antenna.

*Please note: for freshly painted vehicles, you must allow the painted surface to completely cure before applying your car cover to your vehicle.

Applying Your Vehicle Cover

          • Step 1) Position cover (outer material side face up) on highest part of your car.
          • Step 2) Begin unfolding outward toward either end of the vehicle.
          • Step 3) Continue to unfold the vehicle cover carefully wrapping the elastic hem around the front and back of the vehicle.

Helpful Hint

Take it slow as you fit the cover around sharp areas such as license plates and exhaust pipes to prevent tearing of the cover.

Removing & Storing Your Vehicle Cover

When removing your car cover, you'll want to ensure it's free of any moisture that may have recently occurred before storing away.

First, begin removing the cover at either end of the vehicle carefully pulling cover outward while avoiding the sharp edges/angles of your vehicle. Allow cover to lie across the surface of your vehicle from front and back respectively.

Next, lift and fold each side of the cover (lengthwise, one side at a time) inward toward the center axis of the cover.

After both sides of the cover have been folded inward, start at the vehicle's trunk end first, rolling the cover inward and over the roof of car and onto the hood.

Helpful Hint

As you roll your cover up, continue pulling in the sides of the cover to create a more compact roll, much like you would a sleeping bag.

Once you have your cover tightly rolled, place inside the Covermates Storage Bag included with our Stock covers. Be sure to store your car cover Storage Bag in a dry area until the cover's next use.