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How to Measure > Dish + China Storage

In order to ensure you receive an ideal fit for all of your valuable china and crystal, we recommend using our measurement guide below. Should you have any questions regarding the measuring process, please contact our customer service department at 1 (866) 889-8896 anytime Monday-Friday between 8:30am-6:00pm CST.

Measuring Tea Cups and Mugs

When you measure your cups, be sure to include the handle in the width measurement. If your measurement is slightly larger than our storage protector because of the handle, don't worry - it'll still fit. For example, if the measurement across the top is 4.75 inches but our storage protector says it's 4.5 inches, then remember that you can turn your cups sideways or slightly slanted and they'll still fit securely.

Measuring Glasses

Measure the lip and the base separately. Take the largest measurement and use it as your diameter. Many glasses have a wider base than lip, and you need to use the wider measurement to get the proper size. Don't worry if we don't provide a storage protector that's exactly the height of your glass. As long as the diameter is accurate, you can store glasses up to the height of the storage protector.

Measuring Rectangular and Oval Shaped Dishes

The longest side of your rectangular or oval shaped dish will be the length measurement. The other side will be your width measurement. Remember to measure correctly before you buy - it'll save you the hassle of having to return it for another size!

Measuring Plates and Bowls

You'll need to measure the diameter, which is across the center of the plate - the widest part. Different style plates and bowls will all measure a different diameter, and we provide storage protectors for all those sizes. Our storage protectors will hold 8 plates or bowls easily. But depending on the height of the flare on the edges of your dishes, they may hold up to 12 plates and bowls comfortably.

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