Indoor Car Covers

Indoor Car Covers


Obviously, garages and other storage units protect cars, trucks and SUVs from the weather, as well as falling branches, leaves, tree sap and other damaging outdoor elements. However, that doesn't make them completely immune to the perils of paint and body damage.

Consider the following:

  • Generally, these areas are tight quarters and also store other items such as lawn equipment, bicycles, ladders and tools. Indoor car covers help provide a defense against small dents, nicks and scratches that can occur from navigating those things around your vehicle.
  • Abrasive dust and dirt can collect on the paint surface of your car, truck or SUV and act as sandpaper. Our indoor car covers form a protective barrier between these scratching agents and the finish of your vehicle.
  • Critters that like dark, quiet places are impossible to keep off your vehicle. Indoor car covers help protect your investment from these critters as well as their sharp claws. Our car covers are purposely not constructed with soft fleece lining because that often attracts furry creatures.

Indoor Car Cover Selection

Our Covermates Select basic Car Cover is a great choice for the budget-minded consumer who's looking for a good cover with a form fit at an affordable price. We back our Select car cover with a 1-year factory warranty plus a 2-year bonus warranty for a total of 4 years of warranty coverage.

Our Covermates Select Max Car Cover offers the perfect solution for an indoor car cover. This 4-layer, spun-bonded polypropylene car cover is form fitting and provides the thickest padded blanket for your car, truck or SUV available anywhere. Our Select Plus car cover comes with a 3-year factory warranty plus a 2-year bonus warranty for a total of 5 years of warranty coverage.

The CoverCraft Dustop® Custom Car Cover is the professional's choice for an indoor car cover, offering a tailored, custom-fit, and 4-layer protection against dust and other particles that can harm fine paint finishes on your car, truck or SUV. These custom made indoor car covers come with a factory 4-year warranty plus our 2-year bonus warranty for a total of 6 years of warranty coverage.

Of course, we have other selections that can be used for indoor car covers as well. If you don't see what you're looking for in the above information, choose from the list below or call to speak to one of our customer care specialists at 1 (866) 889-8896 and we'd be happy to help you find the perfect indoor car cover to suit your needs!

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