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Instant Action BBQ Cleaner

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Specifications & Features
If you’ve made the smart decision to invest in a CoverMates™ grill cover, chances are that you want to ensure you get the most of your grill and its cover for as long as possible. That is why The Cover Store proudly recommends Star brite™ BBQ Cleaner.

Not only is Star brite BBQ Cleaner spray safe enough to clean the exterior of your grill after every use, it can even be used on interior cooking surfaces – hot or cold!

NOTE: We recommend using Scotchgard on cover after use with Instant Action BBQ Cleaner spray spray to avoid removal of exterior treatments. .

This product is not recommended for use on painted surfaces, polished metals, brushed/polished aluminum, copper, fabric or tiles. This product contains chemicals that may be harmful to you or someone else if handled incorrectly. Please reference the product label before using and/or handling.

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