• Light-Weight
  • Elastic Hem
  • Stain Resistant
  • Breathable Material

28W x 2.5D x 20H

Monitor Cover

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Collection: Diamond | 2 Years Warranty

  • Cream


Specifications & Features
One day we had a customer call and tell us that they were using their TV cover on an extra-large monitor. That's when the idea hit us - why not make a line that's actually for monitors? Everyone knows a monitor can go bad if dust or other small particles get under the frame or in the connection, which is why it's so important to keep it covered.

These Monitor Covers are made with soft, quilted polyester with a diamond stitch pattern. An elastic band helps it cling securely to your monitor, keeping it clean. It's also useful for keeping cats and other small animals that might hop up on your desk from playing with your monitor. The cover's also very easy to clean - just wash it with a rag and water when it needs it or run it through a gentle cycle on your washing machine. A must-have for anyone with a stand alone monitor!

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