Outdoor Grommet Top Curtain Panel

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Our Luxurious Material
Our Aspire collection was designed to blend luxury and performance. This fabric is designed to stand up to any weather conditions, including direct sunlight, rain, humidity, and wind. Durable without sacrificing aesthetics, our curtains will take any indoor or outdoor living space to the next level.

Where Luxury Meets Performance
Nothing beats relaxing on your patio on a warm spring or summer evening. But then your neighbor starts playing music too loud and the wind starts blowing in dirt, pollen, and those pesky grass clippings from the afternoon yard work. You could build an expensive outdoor patio enclosure, but then you wouldn't be able to fully enjoy your backyard. Instead of an expensive project, try out some curtains for an easy solution. Not only will these provide much-needed shade during the summer, but they will also block the wind, and soften your noisy neighbor. With a luxurious look and feel, there is a seamless transition from the backyard to inside the home. Tie them back to get a view of the kids playing in the yard or let them hang for private family dinner. Our curtains will provide an elegant touch and performance to any space they are needed.

Details That Matter
Made of 500-denier solution-dyed polyester, our unique LuxeGuard material is water- and fade-resistant. The fabric is soft and luxurious, while also stain, mildew, and abrasion-resistant. Plus, we've designed this fabric to have superior UV-blocking properties, to keep any space cool and shaded all year long. Anti-rust, easy-slide grommets provide an easy hanging method, while the weighted hem prevents the curtains from blowing in the wind.