Powersports Covers Rating System

How To Use Our Rating System

Our rating system for powersports covers looks at 4 key areas - water resistance, breathability, UV ray protection, and dirt & dust protection - to see how well the cover performs. You'll find this info on product and material pages related to our powersports items.

Here's an example of what the chart looks like:

What They Mean:

  • Water Resistance - how well the cover blocks water from coming in
  • Breathability - how well the cover lets air flow through, evaporating trapped moisture
  • UV Rays - how well the cover holds up to the sun's UV rays
  • Dirt & Dust - how well the cover blocks dirt & dust from coming in

Keep in mind that you don't just want to buy a cover that ranks high in all areas. As you browse our cover materials, you'll notice that none of them have Best rankings in all 4 categories. That's because no cover is perfect for every situation. Think about how and in what type of envrioment you'll be using the cover, then buy the best cover for that situation.

Determining What Type of Cover You Need

Ask yourself the following:

  • Will my vehicle be stored inside or outside?
  • Will my vehicle be exposed to intense sunlight and heat?
  • Will my vehicle be exposed to excessive rain or heavy snowfall?
  • Is my vehicle susceptible to potentially damaging debris or someone bumping into it?
  • Will there be trees or animals around my vehicle?
  • How often will I put on and take off my cover?
  • What are the wind conditions around my vehicle?

If you can answer all these questions, an easy way to find the right material is by using one of our material summary pages:

Jet Ski Covers Material Summary

We believe using this will definitely make your selection much easier. However, if you still have questions about which cover material is right for you, email us us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist in the process!