Covercraft Reflec'tect® Car Covers

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Material Features

If you live in the southern part of the United States where the sun can be intense, or anywhere the sun shines constantly, a Reflec'tect® car cover can come in handy. One of the new lines created by Covercraft, the custom cover experts, Reflec'tect® car covers make life in the sun just a little easier.

This lightweight cover is woven from polyester fabric that will shield your vehicle from excessive heat caused from UV rays, keeping your vehicle free from extreme heat damage while not in use! Not only will a Reflec'tect™ cover keep your vehicle cool, it also repels water, protecting your vehicle's finish while still allowing heat vapor and condesation a way to escape. Reflec'tect® Car Covers are available in our selection of custom car covers. Compare Reflec'tect® to other cover materials.

  • Unique polyester fabric has UV-reflective silver colored surface

  • Sun refective qualities are an excellent choice for sunny areas

  • Very good resistance to all types of moisture sources

  • Breathable material allows trapped moisture a way out

  • A barrier against dirt, dust and pollutants to keep vehicle clean

  • Compact & light-weight for easy everyday use

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Material Details

Reflec'tect® is a unique woven polyester that's been treated with a special urethane coating on the top surface to reflect heat. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are reflected, meaning the vehicle's surface and inside will stay cool. Tests have shown that this can mean as much as a 30 degrees difference in the temperature around your car. Reflec'tect® car covers were also designed to be lightweight, so they can be used on a daily basis. The covers are easy to put on and take off and store conveniently in the trunk of your car.

Reflec'tect® car covers also block dust and dirt like they block the sun's UV rays, keeping your car clean and scratch-free from dust particles that rub against delicate paint surfaces. This makes it a great cover for indoors as well. The material has very good moisture resistance, yet it's breathable to allow built up vapor from heat and condensation between the cover and your vehicle an escape. It's not affected by tree sap, bird droppings, harmful pollutants or acid rain. Reflec'tect® car covers have an extremely soft lining that protects your vehicle's finish. These covers are also mold and mildew-resistant.

All Reflec'tect® car covers are custom made by Covercraft. With nearly 67,000 patterns in their extensive library, we're sure they have the perfect pattern for your vehicle. Covercraft stands behind their Reflec'tect® car covers with a 3-year warranty and we give you an additional 2-year warranty bonus for a total warranty coverage of 5 years.

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Caring for your Reflec'tect® Car Cover

Any cover will perform at its best when it's clean and free from dust and dirt. To keep your Reflec'tect® car cover providing optimal protection for your vehicle, follow these tips for cleaning:

If you're using a machine washer, you must remove the center agitator before washing your Reflec'tect car cover. Next, insert the cover in the washer and fill with warm water then add ¼ cup laundry detergent into washer. Rinse the cover twice to be sure all detergent is removed. Allow cover to air dry before placing back on vehicle or storing.

  • Remove center agitator in washing machine before use
  • Do not use fabric softeners on your Reflec'tect® car cover
  • Preferable drying is by air. If you do use a dryer, use low heat

A Reflec'tect® car cover can be hand-washed while it's on your vehicle. Begin by mixing an ounce of mild dish-washing liquid per quart of warm water. Spray or sponge soapy onto cover and clean with sponge or soft bristle brush. Rinse with plain water until no suds are evident and allow to air dry. Do not store cover when wet.

Important Note: No cover is completely waterproof.

Good performing car covers are going to be designed with various levels of water-resistance while still being breathable to provide a maximum amount of protection for your vehicle. If your vehicle is exposed to harsh elements such as constant moisture or snow, or is covered outside for long periods at a time, trapped moisture can occur which can sometimes cause the painted surface to appear cloudy.

We recommend that you remove your cover periodically to check for any evidence of moisture. If moisture is present, we suggest you allow the surface of your vehicle to completely dry before putting your cover back on.

Reflec'tect® is a registered trademark of Covercraft™ Industries.

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