Rolling Christmas Light Storage Bag - 8 Reels

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Easy Organization Solutions
Despite your best attempt to neatly wrap your lights into a circle and avoid any tangles, when it’s time next year to decorate the Christmas tree or the yard, they always end up in an impossibly complex knot. Much more frustrating is the amount of time you spend trying to unravel the knot, only to discover that you broke or lost some bulbs in the process of pulling strands. Store your lights the right way with our Rolling Christmas Light Storage Bag which includes reels designed to make the process of storing and reusing lights simple. With multiuse capacity to store other items, our storage can hold much more than just lights.

Details That Matter
Sturdy walls prevent broken bulbs from the weight of other items and rid your storage space of ugly and lumpy plastic bags that are commonly used to store lights. Wave goodbye to the time you would spend searching for the right lights with clear ID windows that let you label and organize them. To avoid dragging heavy plastic bags or cardboard boxes around the house or yard, carrying handles and wheels make transport effortless. Easy access zipper allows for seamless removal of any lights. With functionality in mind, the reels are also designed with handles to give you the control over your lights.