Covermates Select Car Covers

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Material Features

Whether you keep your vehicle protected in a garage, under a covered awning or out in the elements, our Select material may be the perfect choice for you. Affordable, yet tough enough to keep out most of Mother Nature's elements, this cover is a real workhorse!

  • Covermates Select is available exclusively at Coverstore

  • Thick 3-layer composite effectively blocks sun's UV rays

  • Water-resistant middle layer guards against moisture

  • Breathable to allow vapor and condensation to escape

  • Thickest 3-layer available shields against dings & scratches

  • Stops dust and dirt from getting to vehicle's delicate finish

Select Swatch

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Material Details

Developed by Coverstore and for Coverstore only, Select is a 3-layer product made from composite non-woven materials with a center layer of water-resistant film that stops nearly all moisture from passing through it. At Coverstore, we don't like to say "waterproof" when talking about car, truck or SUV covers, because waterproof means "not breathable".

Breathability is extremely important to the health of your vehicle. Moisture finds its way under or through any material, regardless of how well the fabric is made. When that happens, the moisture needs a way to evaporate out. "Waterproof" car cover fabrics simply don't allow that to happen. Rest assured, Select is fully breathable and will provide an exit path for trapped moisture from heat and condensation.

What makes our Select material different from the rest is the total weight and thickness of the fabric. With a total gram weight over 130, this cover is thicker and heavier than many 4-ply and even some 5-ply materials. This translates to an economical product that will provide more protection against dings and scratches.

In addition, this added thickness also helps block the sun's UV rays, which can damage the painted finish and the inside of your vehicle. Another added benefit of a heavier cover is that it can keep your vehicle cooler during those hot summer days by as much as 30 degrees! We have also added treatments to our Select car cover material to help prevent mold and mildew from developing.

All Covermates Select products are covered by a 2-year factory warranty plus an additional for a total warranty period of 4 years.


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Caring for Your Covermates Select Car Cover

By regularly cleaning your Covermates Select car cover, you'll be prevent "fogging" from occurring on your vehicle's windows.

For machine wash, begin by inserting the cover in the washer and filling with warm water. Next, add ¼ cup laundry detergent into washer and run the delicate cycle. After the wash cycle, rinse the cover twice to be sure all detergent is removed. Allow cover to air dry before placing back on vehicle or storing.

To keep your cover looking and performing its best we suggest following these cleaning tips:

  • Do not clean a Select car cover in a washing machine with center agitator
  • Do not use a fabric softener on a Select car cover
  • Only air dry your Select car cover

To hand-wash your Covermates Select car cover, leave it on your vehicle. Mix an ounce of mild dish-washing liquid per quart of warm water. Spray or sponge soapy water onto cover and clean with sponge or soft bristle brush. Rinse with regular water until no suds are evident and allow to air dry. Wait to store car cover away until completely dry.

Important Note: No cover is completely waterproof.

Car covers are designed with various levels of water-resistance while still being breathable to provide a maximum amount of protection for your vehicle. We recommend that you remove your cover periodically to check for any evidence of moisture. If moisture is present, we suggest that you allow the surface of your vehicle to completely dry before putting your cover back on. This will help to prevent a cloudy residue that can be left behind by trapped moisture.

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