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CoverMates Ultima Car Cover

Our Price:
$189.99 - $279.99
List Price: $300.00 - $470.00
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Dove Grey
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  • Features
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Color Options
  • Water Resistance
  • UV Rays
  • Breathability
  • Dirt, Dust & Debris
  • Ding Protection
  • Outdoor
  • Block-It 380
  • $144.00 -
  • 5 Years
  • 1
  • Better
  • Better
  • Good
  • Better
  • Fair
  • Good
  • Reflectect
  • $145.00 -
  • 5 Years
  • 1
  • Better
  • Best
  • Good
  • Better
  • Minimal
  • Better
  • Dustop
  • $184.00 -
  • 6 Years
  • 1
  • Good
  • Better
  • Good
  • Best
  • Best
  • -
  • Noah
  • $198.00 -
  • 6 Years
  • 1
  • Better
  • Better
  • Good
  • Better
  • Best
  • Better
  • Ultratect
  • $217.00 -
  • 6 Years
  • 4
  • Good
  • Better
  • Good
  • Good
  • Minimal
  • Best
  • Weathershield HP
  • $290.00 -
  • 6 Years
  • 8
  • Better
  • Better
  • Good
  • Best
  • Minimal
  • Best
  • Form-Fit
  • $310.00 -
  • 6 Years
  • 6
  • -
  • -
  • Best
  • Better
  • Best
  • -
  • Weathershield HD
  • $357.00 -
  • 7 Years
  • 1
  • Best
  • Best
  • Good
  • Best
  • Fair
  • Best


Solution-dyed polyester cover offers all weather protection!

  • Full elastic hem for a snug, secure fit
  • Reinforced hidden grommets for cable lock
  • Generous storage bag included
  • Overlapped double needle stitched seams
  • Loops sewn into hem for extra tie-down option
  • 7-Year Warranty Coverage exclusively at The Cover Store



Our CoverMates™ Ultima car cover is truly unique because it performs at a level equal to the most expensive custom covers without the custom price! This cover is made with 300D solution-dyed polyester that's been exclusively developed by The Cover Store and stands above the rest in resistance to moisture and UV damage while maintaining breathability. The bottom edging of this cover features elastic for a snug fit. This car cover material carries the best warranty of any of our car covers, with a 5-year warranty from the factory plus our 2-year warranty bonus for total warranty coverage of 7 years. Available in multiple colors and includes a free storage bag.

  • Features
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Color Options
  • Water Resistance
  • UV Rays
  • Breathability
  • Dirt, Dust & Debris
  • Ding Protection
  • Outdoor
  • Select Basic
  • $59.99 - $89.99
  • 2 Years
  • 1 Color
  • Fair
  • Fair
  • Better
  • Fair
  • Fair
  • Fair
  • Select
  • $79.99 - $129.99
  • 4 Years
  • 1 Color
  • Good
  • Good
  • Better
  • Good
  • Better
  • Good
  • Select Max
  • $109.99 - $179.99
  • 5 Years
  • 1 Color
  • Good
  • Better
  • Good
  • Better
  • Better
  • Better
  • Elite
  • $129.99 - $199.99
  • 5 Years
  • 1 Color
  • Better
  • Better
  • Good
  • Best
  • Minimal
  • Better
  • Ultima
  • $189.99 - $279.99
  • 7 Years
  • 3 Colors
  • Best
  • Best
  • Good
  • Best
  • Minimal
  • Best


Solution-dyed polyester cover offers all weather protection!

  • Full elastic hem for a snug, secure fit
  • Reinforced hidden grommets for cable lock
  • Generous storage bag included
  • Overlapped double needle stitched seams
  • Loops sewn into hem for extra tie-down option
  • 7-Year Warranty Coverage exclusively at The Cover Store



Our CoverMates™ Ultima car cover is truly unique because it performs at a level equal to the most expensive custom covers without the custom price! This cover is made with 300D solution-dyed polyester that's been exclusively developed by The Cover Store and stands above the rest in resistance to moisture and UV damage while maintaining breathability. The bottom edging of this cover features elastic for a snug fit. This car cover material carries the best warranty of any of our car covers, with a 5-year warranty from the factory plus our 2-year warranty bonus for total warranty coverage of 7 years. Available in multiple colors and includes a free storage bag.

  • Our best all weather fabric with the highest ratings in many categories
  • Woven solution-dyed polyester fabric naturally blocks sun's UV
  • Special coatings provide the best resistance to rain and snow
  • Very good breathability enables condensation to evaporate

Exclusive Bonus Extended Warranty From The Cover Store

This cover comes with a great standard manufacturer's warranty of 5 years against defects in materials and workmanship. In addition, The Cover Store will add an additional 2 years to the manufacturer's warranty! We want you to purchase with confidence and know that we sell only the best quality products and we're willing to provide you with the best coverage in the industry when it comes to product warranties. This extended warranty is only available from The Cover Store. For complete details, see our Vehicle Warranties page.

Caring for your CoverMates™ Ultima Car Cover

It's important to clean and maintain your CoverMates™ Ultima car cover for optimal performance. By cleaning your cover, you'll prevent "fogging" from occurring on your vehicle's windows.

For machine wash, begin by inserting the cover in the washer and filling with warm water. Next, add ¼ cup laundry detergent into washer and run the delicate cycle. After the wash cycle, rinse the cover twice to be sure all detergent is removed. Allow cover to air dry before placing back on vehicle or storing.

To keep your cover looking and performing its best we suggest following these cleaning tips:

  • Do not clean a Ultima car cover in a washing machine with center agitator
  • Do not use a fabric softener on a Ultima car cover
  • Only air dry your Ultima car cover

To hand-wash your CoverMates™ Ultima car cover, you may leave it on your vehicle. Start by mixing an ounce of mild dish-washing liquid per quart of warm water. Then spray or sponge the soapy water onto your cover and clean away dirt with your sponge or a soft bristle brush. Be sure to rinse away with plain water until no suds are evident and allow to completely air dry before storing away.

Important Note: No cover is completely waterproof.

Be sure to remove your cover periodically to check for any evidence of moisture. If moisture is present, we recommend allowing the surface of your vehicle to completely dry before putting your cover back on.

High performance car covers are designed with various levels of water-resistance while still being breathable to provide a maximum amount of protection for your vehicle. If your vehicle is exposed to harsh elements such as constant moisture or snow, or is covered outside for long periods at a time, trapped moisture can occur, which can sometimes cause the painted surface to appear cloudy.

based on 139 Review(s) Write a Review
Review by Larry Stem, san Diego Posted on 1/28/2016
2014 Ford F-250 Super Duty
I had high hopes for this "ultima" cover as the fit was perfect and it was light and keeps the truck cool and dry.
However, the cover elastic was toast within 5 months of purchase and the strap that goes under the truck to secure the sides disintegrated, presumably due to the sun. The cover material itself became noticeably fragile and at that point I requested a replacement at about 6 months. I kept it on for awhile longer and then the antenna hole tore through the fabriceven though it had the protective plastic around the hole. the fabric was fractured and almost become as thin as paper. So, for a $260 cover with a 7 year warranty it lasted maybe 6-7 months. Not good.
Cover store was great and sent a replacement but the new one looks the same so maybe I'll get another 6-8 months out of it.
Not worth it.
Review by Michael, Western Canada Posted on 1/17/2016
1965 Ford Mustang
Came as advertised. Thank you
Review by JWC, Cupertino, CA. Posted on 1/10/2016
1974 BMW 2002
This cover is perfect....right size and repels all water!
Review by M. Barry, Newport News Va. Posted on 12/30/2015
2006 BMW X3
A little big, but my BMW X3 is on the small size. Love the weather protective material. Doesn't trap moisture and does a
great job of protecting the car. This my second cover from CoverMates, and recommend it highly. Far superior to those
multilayered covers that just break down over time.
Review by MRM, GA Posted on 12/24/2015
2010 Honda Fit
Purchased Ultima car cover for a basic Honda Fit (2010). The material was exactly as described including double stitching. I did not get the custom fit cover, so I was pleasantly surprised by how well the cover fit my car. The length was just right; the elastic bands sewn into the bottom of the front and back hems of the cover went under the front and rear bumpers giving a nice fit. The width of the cover was just right, too. I did not install the enclosed (optional) grommet for the roof antenna since my antenna simply unscrews. There were also no mirror pockets, which was okay... the mirrors will fold in anyway. Sewn into the bottom hem of the cover about the mid way point was a strap. Just throw that under the car and pull through to the other side and insert the slide into buckle and then cinch the strap to pull the midsection of the cover snug against the car. This keeps the wind from flapping the cover. The cover came down to about half-way of my wheels/tires, so that it covers all of the car body and is about 8 to 10 inches from the ground. I was/am very pleased with this cover. Came with a roof grommet (optional to install) and a bag to put the cover in when not in use. Oh...and shipped in two days after ordering and rec'd via UPS in a few days (TX to GA). Very happy with the cover and with The Cover Store.
Review by Jason, Omaha, NE Posted on 11/26/2015
1972 Chevrolet C10 Suburban
Fits perfect and has withstood 40mph winds with the optional straps attached without blowing away.
Review by Ed Fisher, Edgewater Florida Posted on 11/26/2015
2011 Chevrolet HHR
Great fit . Delivered on time.
Review by Robert Sims, Rolling Hills Estates, CA Posted on 11/16/2015
1980 Nissan 280ZX
There are two bulges on each side that are not needed for this car. Looks funny. This was supposed to be a 5 layer article, but it only has one layer.
Review by Bob Jeter, Byromville,Ga. Posted on 11/12/2015
2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK350
Good Product. Paying more generally gets you a better product.
Review by Jim Robinson, Angier, NC Posted on 10/31/2015
1997 Cadillac DeVille
Fits well enough, given this area seldom has high winds. I hope that durability lives up to expectations.
Review by Diane, La Mesa Ca Posted on 10/26/2015
2003 Honda Element
Nice quality material. Happy with purchase. Will watch to see how it holds up but feel confident in serving purpose.
Review by david ward, West River MD Posted on 10/23/2015
2007 Ford Mustang
This is the second cover I have purchased from you and both have been perfect
Review by Misty Roach, Butler, AL Posted on 10/18/2015
2014 Buick Enclave
Yes the cover is a little long but I like that because it makes it easier to put on the vehicle. I did think by the description that it would be thicker with more layers and it isnt. But I am happy with my purchase and I haven't seen any cats on my vehicle since arrival. Maybe they don't like the slickness of the cover.
Review by George Crawford, Prince Frederick. Md. Posted on 10/17/2015
2008 Saturn Sky
We received our car cover and loved the material. It was everything we were hoping for... However, the cover was way to large for our Saturn Sky. We think they did not take into consideration when making this car cover that it was for a two seater sports car and just considered the width, height and length of the car. The rearview pockets on each side of the car are way up by the front wheel wells., causing the pockets to sag and pull the material with it. When we called the company, customer service was very friendly and helpful, but ended up telling us that was the closest fit other than a custom cover. Our suggestion is that if the generic cover did not have the additional rearview mirror pockets added, the fit would actually be much better, and cover a wider group of cars. By placing the pockets on the cover, it causes the car cover to sag and restricts many types of cars from having an otherwise great fit. We have purchased other types of covers from you in the past, and loved the material and workmanship, but hope you can use our suggestion to make a better fitting car cover for sports cars without going custom.
Review by Maryann Flynn, Miami Fl. Posted on 10/17/2015
2015 Honda Civic
wonderful fabric. The water just beads up on it and it is easy to shake off. Easy to fit on.
Just one flaw. The left cord to tie under the car came unrolled and it is hard to roll back up tight enough to fit into the holder. Just one small thing I can cope with. I love this cover.
Review by David Bonner, Ashland, KY Posted on 10/11/2015
2004 Cadillac CTS
I really should have ordered the custom fit, but this cover will
protect the car for the next few years.
Review by Kathy, Bethany, OK Posted on 10/9/2015
1988 Chevrolet Camaro
Cover is made of substantial material. Looks good.
Review by Chuck, Cranston , RI Posted on 9/24/2015
2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
First time customer. Completely satisfied with cover.
I will recommend to all to bye fromThe Cover Store.
Review by D. Fleming, Watsonville CA Posted on 9/6/2015
2000 Ford Ranger
Extremely happy with this cover. Good material, well made, good color (a light tannish gray) and the price was quite good. We bought a patio table cover from this company as well and it worked out really well too. I was happily surprised at the quality. Also it shipped really quickly by UPS. Good stuff.
Review by Bob, Arizona Posted on 9/5/2015
2015 Dodge Charger
Nice light weight cover
Review by Scott Anderson, Irvine, CA Posted on 9/5/2015
1987 Mercedes-Benz 300SDL
Excellent cover - It took me a few times to manage installation and removal from the car.

Now I have a "system".

Thanks again!!!
Review by AL, Long Beach Isl., New Jersey Posted on 6/28/2015
1984 Lincoln Town Car
Good quality, easy fit and handling
Review by Deborah Erskine, Brooklyn NY Posted on 6/28/2015
2012 Mercedes-Benz E350
Even though the cover is a bit large , it came with adjustment straps . So in fact it is perfect. Thank you
Review by Roger Breeding, Bristol, Va. Posted on 6/24/2015
2010 Infiniti G37
Cover fits 2010 Infinity G37 Sport coupe perfectly and I am extremely pleased with it's construction. Seems to be waterproof as well as dustproof. Thanks!
Review by Ron, Missouri Posted on 6/22/2015
2015 Toyota 4Runner
Product exactly as advertised. Received in a timely manner. No complaints.
Review by Ed Kingsley, Henderson NV Posted on 6/20/2015
2010 Toyota Prius
Fits perfectly and arrived at my home in just a few days.
Review by Steve, Austin, Texas Posted on 6/12/2015
2015 Cadillac CTS
This is the second cover we have purchased. The first was from Walmart and it ripped after a few uses. This seems to fit nicely for a non custom cover and I like the strap under the car. It is a bit tricky to put on as it slides off the car very easily (due to my wax job) but once I get it on, it is easy to secure. It seems to be durable but time will tell as we have only had it about a week now. I like it so much we have ordered another one for our 2002 Accord.
Review by Doug Ledin, Burbank, CA Posted on 5/31/2015
1992 Ford Mustang
Bought this for my '92 LX convertible Mustang. Have gone through technalon type covers in the past and they only last a year or so and then start falling apart. Having bought a cover for my spa made of this same Ultima material I knew what to expect. It's more "slippery" than the technalon covers so it can slide around on you a bit when trying to put on or take off, especially if there's a little breeze. I consider this a minor trade off to having a much more durable cover, as the 7-year warranty would indicate.
Review by cccc, sss Posted on 5/30/2015
2012 Cadillac SRX
Review by john fields, hilton head island, sc Posted on 5/30/2015
1994 Jeep Wrangler
a little large over my bimini top, but this was expected since it was designed to cover with the real top, which makes the jeep higher and longer. rain would pool in the middle. I simply cut some boards to fit under, and now it works perfectly. material seems very heavy duty. my sense is that the cover will last a long time...
Review by Roy McD, Miami, FL Posted on 5/23/2015
2014 Honda Accord
Review by Chuck Larrick, Asheville, NC Posted on 5/21/2015
2004 Saab 9-3
So far so good! This cover fits perfectly and is extremely easy to put on and off. Keeps the interior cool during the day.
Review by Antonino Carnevali, Ewing, Kentucky Posted on 5/21/2015
2015 Subaru Impreza
This was my first purchase from this company and I was a little apprehensive, but I am totally satisfied with the product. It was shipped promptly, it's good looking and made of quality materials, and it fits my car very well. It is slightly on the large size if anything, but with the elastic bands front and back it fits tightly. It's provided with grommets and instructions on how to cut a small hole to let through the antenna, but for now I've opted to unscrew the small antenna and avoid making a hole in the cover.
Review by John Coho, Reston VA Posted on 5/18/2015
2002 Toyota Tacoma
The truck cover I ordered from the Cover Store was perfect. It fit flawlessly right out of the box.
Review by Mark, Stone Mountain, Ga Posted on 4/13/2015
2002 Chevrolet Corvette
Review by Mark, Stone Mountain, Ga Posted on 4/13/2015
1954 Cadillac Series 62
The covers are always great. I had this one unopened for a couple of months and guess what a bit too small. It leaves one of the front corners exposed. It's because of the Dagmar bumpers.
Review by Mike, Fillmore, ca Posted on 4/12/2015
2013 Lexus ES300h
A great fit.
Review by Darel Dyer, Chattanooga, TN Posted on 4/12/2015
2005 Chrysler Crossfire
Would have preferred a tighter fit, especially around the mirrors, but it does protect the car and is very easy to put in and take off
Review by Lancer Mitsubishi Fan and Owner, North York Ontario Canada Posted on 3/13/2015
2014 Mitsubishi Lancer
Got this cover as I have no garage and I absolutely do not have time to spend on scraping ice from the car. This was a perfect find. The fit is absolutely impeccable. I also ordered the undercar wire and padlock. The car is covered perfectly and is easy to put on after a couple of attempts. It also included a kit for the antenna so that it is not pressed down under the cover. I opted not to put it on for two reasons. I need the cover to be covering all the roof. I have no use for the radio in my car so I could not care less about the antenna. Which also serves as a holder as I am putting the cover on. The cover tends to slide and the antenna helps to hold it until I can get it on the middle of the roof to roll it out. I would suggest that the cover comes with two things. I still gave it a 5 stars cause it solved my problem. I would include a collapsible plastic container for it instead of the sack it came with and also a rope that goes in the elastic loops that are at the front and back to secure the cover down from wind. Again this cover fit perfectly for my 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer LE. I would definitely recommend it to any body who does not have a garage and has the same issue as I did.
Review by Karen, San Angelo, TX Posted on 1/17/2015
2014 Jaguar F-Type
Stylish, lightweight
Review by JIM WINTERS, HOUSTON, TX Posted on 1/2/2015
1998 Ford Mustang
Review by W. Jong, Santa Clarita, CA Posted on 12/12/2014
2014 Honda Accord
Excellent service. Order arrived earlier than expected. We have purchased technalon covers in the past, but their life is short. We'll see how this material holds up.
Review by Wallie Jong, Santa Clarita, CA Posted on 12/4/2014
2014 Honda Accord
I am a returning customer of The Cover Store. They always ship the orders expediently and I have been extremely satisfied with their products. I am satisfied with their products and free shipping. I will most likely be ordering another cover in the future. I highly recommend The Cover Store to anyone shopping for a cover.
Review by Mike killeen , Stamford, Ct Posted on 12/4/2014
1978 Chevrolet Caprice
The real test will be to see how it holds up. Also whether or not, I Have to tie it down in heavy wind gusts.
Review by john eastman, delta BC canada Posted on 11/2/2014
1998 BMW Z3
cover goes on well and sheds water like a duck. The extra grommet holes and the fastex strap are a big help for increase security (whether from wind or theft) however, it is a bit loose, and has two large ears that would be great for the mirrors if they weren't about two feet too far forward for the Z3. While i might recommend this item for someone looking for a cheap alternative i would probably suggest they look elsewhere if fit is a primary concern.
Review by Debbie Redick, Jacksonville Beach, Florida Posted on 10/31/2014
2011 Land Rover Range Rover
The cover is perfect. It shipped quickly. I put it on for 2 windy days and it stayed on perfectly. Glad I ordered it.
Review by Robert Pekny, Sparks, NV Posted on 10/31/2014
2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse
Great product and great fit. THANKS!!!!
Review by Marilyn Sullivan, Coeur d' Alene, ID Posted on 10/27/2014
1995 Lincoln Town Car
We just received and installed the cover and are pleased with the fit and the quality.
Review by Robert Pekny, Sparks, NV Posted on 10/25/2014
2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse
Great product
Review by Bruce Brennan, San Jose, CA Posted on 10/25/2014
1957 Ford Ranchero
So far so good. We'll have to see if it performs better than California Car Covers, whose thread is poor quality and always fails long before the cover material.

Too early for an accurate evaluation or recommendation.
Review by RGW, EL CERRITO,CA Posted on 10/19/2014
1970 Plymouth Barracuda
Review by Ken Long, Hatboro PA Posted on 10/15/2014
2006 Nissan 350Z
Nice snug fit delivery was prompt easy to put on car I recommend two people for the install
Review by jer, iowa Posted on 10/13/2014
1998 Porsche Boxster
fits really good, so far repels water good, will see how it holds up this winter in iowa.
Review by T.F., Denver Posted on 10/12/2014
2005 BMW 325xi
This is a very nice cover, fits great. For a 'non custom' item, I can't imagine a better fit. I very happy with the product. Now time to test it in a Colorado winter
Review by M Snovell, st michaels maryland Posted on 10/9/2014
2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350
This cover is not a great cover from a meterial stand has no lining and is extreamly will not fit this GLK 350. No way. I almost pulled the wiper off the back window trying to pull it on..there is no way this fits over the bumpers and Sat antenna...The Mercedes cover from the Mercedes dealer fits perfect but is really heavy. I wanted a water proof light cover, which is what the web sight indicated..but if it doesn't fit..who cares? The factory rack rails don't inpact it's just can't fit the dimensions of the car. But I bet it sheds water...if it only fit correctly. Bummer...
Review by Ricky Thrower, Richmond Ca Posted on 9/18/2014
1997 Chevrolet Tahoe
Does just what it's supposed to do,Protect,fit good and be great material.Love it.
Review by Mike ONeil, Aguanga, CA Posted on 9/17/2014
2014 Honda CR-V
Great car cover, fits perfectly.
Review by Roch Patenaude, lasalle quebec canada Posted on 9/14/2014
2007 BMW Z4
The mirrors are not at the right place on the cover.
Review by Greg tukalski, Thousand Oaks , ca Posted on 9/5/2014
2002 Chevrolet Blazer
Fits perfect and covers everything including my tires. So total protection. Really easy to put on and take off also. And really compact for storage. I love it. And doesn't have that stupid fleece material so it won't leave that dusty stuff after few months of usage.
Review by Mario Lucchese, Bel Aie, MD Posted on 8/31/2014
1998 Jaguar XK8
While the cover is a bit large, it was easy to install and appears to be of very good quality,. I did have a bit of a problem getting the antenna hole grommet to snap together through the material.
Review by Pam Truax, Beaumont, Texas Posted on 8/14/2014
1973 Ford Mustang
Fits great!!
Review by Jose Penas, Miami, Florida Posted on 7/24/2014
2010 BMW Z4
So far, so good. I received the cover for my 2010 BMW Z4 a week ago, and I am happy with it. It fits better than my previous cover did (even when new). It's also water-proof, and most importantly, does not have an inner fleece layer, which inevitable start to disintegrate when it gets older, and every time one takes the cover off, the car needs to be cleaned.
Review by Jeff Stevens, Gloucester , MA Posted on 7/17/2014
1984 Mazda RX-7
Nice cover a little big
Review by Jeff Stevens, Boston ma Posted on 7/8/2014
2001 Toyota Camry
Fits great!!
Review by JStalls, Compton, Ca Posted on 6/1/2014
1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D
Fits like a glove!!!!!!! Thanks
Review by Rocco Leto, Cinnaminson, NJ. Posted on 4/12/2014
2000 BMW Z3
order came promptly, fit exact measurements, I do not know about the weather resistance yet, but the quality of the material seems very good.
Review by LLoyd A. McMiLLian, Las Vegas, NV. Posted on 4/4/2014
1970 Cadillac DeVille
I have a 1970 Cadillac devil, a very long car, which made it very difficult to find the cover that fit perfectly, this one did. The cover store is the place to shop for any cover. Thanks cover store.
Review by Sandi, Renton, WA Posted on 4/2/2014
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle
The cover fits and looks great and your customer service was fantastic!!
Review by Andrew Million, Dallas, Tx Posted on 3/27/2014
2005 Chevrolet Monte
Amazing quality. Perfect snug fit. Cable tie downs nicely hidden to protect paint. Use cover every day at work. Takes less than 2 minutes to cover and secure.

Keeps car noticibly cooler even when it's 90+ degrees out.

Love it!!!
Review by O. Sheldon, U.S.Virgin Islands Posted on 3/26/2014
2003 Jeep Liberty
Storage bag was a bonus.
Review by Dan Jensen,Omaha Nebraska Posted on 1/3/2014
2013 Chevrolet Silverado
The strap latch could be better. Overall satisfied.
Review by Karen Bill,Ventura County, CA Posted on 12/28/2013
2013 Chevrolet Volt
Excellent quality car cover.
Review by Deb Milliner,Reno, NV Posted on 11/25/2013
1976 MG Midget
Even though the cover is a little long for the car, the quality appears good and it does look very nice!
Review by John H.,Knoxville, TN Posted on 11/19/2013
2014 Toyota Camry
Excellent product and the price is reasonable. The fits our car well. I could recommend the Cover Store as a source for car covers although I understand they sell covers for other things too.
Review by thomas terribile,Guilford Ct Posted on 11/19/2013
2013 BMW 328i
The cover goes on easy, it could fit a little bit snugger, but it will work fine. Thank you
Review by Beth D.,CT Posted on 11/14/2013
2004 Porsche Boxster
I love the cover as far as the quality of it goes!
It fits front to back very well, however when it comes to dropping down the sides, a small portion of the vehicle is exposed because it's hiked up a little midway on both sides.
Review by Jean Judd,Salt Lake City, UT Posted on 11/14/2013
2007 Ford Mustang
Again, I am so pleased with this product and it fits the car like a glove:) I will never get any covers anywhere else, I have never been disappointed, extremely the opposite.
Review by Ron Button,Victoria B.C. Posted on 11/10/2013
1987 Jaguar XJ6
Only arrived today but a perfect fit and looks great
Review by Renee Ristau,Wisconsin Posted on 10/25/2013
1997 Honda CR-V
I expected a much more "bulky" product... but was pleasantly surprised with this cover. I live in WI and purchased it to protect my car from freezing rain and snow when I'm not driving it. Since winter is just starting, I can't give any info on the durability yet... but I can tell you the Service and Product Delivery and Fit were all super! I have already practiced putting the cover on/off and it can easily be done by the average woman. I also like that I can fold it, well more like ball it, up easily in it's storage bag placing it in the back of my 1997 Honda CRV for when I need it! I would shop The Cover Store again!
Review by Angela,Mountain View, CA Posted on 10/17/2013
2013 Toyota AVALON
I had submitted an earlier review that mentioned my difficulty in exchanging/returning a car cover I felt was too small for my car (a Scion FR-S). Subsequent to that, The Cover Store customer service gave me a refund for the cover, and I ordered the cover I wanted. The staff was, throughout the process, professional and courteous, and apologetic. I prefer my car cover to completely cover the entire car, so I ordered a cover for a larger car (I own an FR-S, and bought the cover for an Avalon). The larger cover, for me, fits exactly the way that I want it--not overly snug, and long enough along the sides and ends to "cover all the paint." I want to thank the staff at The Cover Store for making the purchase, return, and purchase of my car covers such a pleasant experience. I am a completely satisfied customer, and will purchase here again when I need covers!
Review by G Yim,San Leandro, Ca. Posted on 10/2/2013
1963 Triumph TR4
Just got the cover this week. Fits well, see how it holds up during the winter and summer months ahead.
Review by Rick Nelson,Texas Posted on 9/14/2013
2013 Ford TAURUS
Great cover. Fits very well for non-custom.
Review by Cindi Ross,Longview, WA Posted on 8/22/2013
2001 Audi tt
I really love my new cover! It is exactly what the description described. I park my car in a garage, but I have bats that live somewhere in the garage and they have been leaving their droppings on my car, so I bought the cover to keep the car protected. It fits perfectly and the material seems very durable and should last a very long time. Thank you!
Review by Alan robertson,Williamsburg, va Posted on 8/3/2013
1997 Honda CIVIC
Cover came in perfect condition . Looks great. Rained first night on the car and it did just as advertised.
Review by Lou, Posted on 7/29/2013
I purchased this cover for a 2013 RT Classic Challenger. It fits perfectly. The material is strong and easy to shake out prior to putting the cover on the vehicle. It is not cheap, but I definitely received what I paid for.
Review by Susan Valletta ,Redwood City ca Posted on 7/26/2013
1998 Lexus ES300
Easy to put on and excellent quality.
Review by Edward E. Hanson,San Antonio, Texas 78258 Posted on 7/17/2013
2011 Chevrolet IMPALA
Product was what I expected and more. Five stars.
Review by Pete,Severn, Md. Posted on 6/23/2013
2006 Porsche CAYMAN
This cover, for a 2006 Porsche Cayman S, is a little difficult for one person to install because it is slick and will easily slide off the car if the weight of the partially folded cover pulls it to one side. Not a big problem.

The quality and fit are great. The storage bag is generously sized so that that cover doesn't have to be tightly folded and forced into the sack. A reasonably well folded cover fits with room to spare.
Review by TONTO,Newport Beach, CA Posted on 6/12/2013
1980 MG mgb
Fits my 1980 MGB terrifically. Easy to put on. Well made. Not heavy. Easy to store.
Review by Mark Andrew,Granville, Ohio Posted on 5/8/2013
2003 BMW M3
My only complaint was that I had to cut a hole for the antenna. My M3 is a convertible and there is no provision in the order process to distinguish that. I'm not sure but I think the coupe has a window antenna.
Review by Ronald Thornburg,OK. Posted on 4/13/2013
1977 Porsche 924
The cover fit great. now to see if it stand up to the weather.
Review by mdbost,santa fe new mexico Posted on 2/28/2013
I was impressed with the fit of this cover. I didn't expect it to fit so well. It looks great too. I hope it lasts well
Review by RR La Mere,El Sobrante, CA Posted on 2/8/2013
1979 Nissan 280ZX
Excellant product, perfect fit plus very prompt
Delivery following the order !
Review by Robert Query,Aylett, VA Posted on 1/12/2013
1990 Pontiac GRAND
Your Ultima cover was classed as semi-fitted, however in our case I must say it fitted like a Custom Cover. We have put it in use just ahead of a rainy period here in VA and it appears to shed water well like a duck's back. So far the cover seems the best option we found to protect our older, but low milage 90 Grand-Am from further weather wear. Older cars can develop some leaks because weather stripping shrinks with age, so a good cover is handy when rain is expected. Bob Q.
Review by RGW1,EL CERRITO,CALIF Posted on 12/7/2012
1970 Plymouth BARRACUDA
Review by landick, Posted on 12/7/2012
2012 Jeep GRAND
nice product
Review by Jack Blackburn,Augusta, GA Posted on 11/14/2012
1988 Chevrolet CORVETTE
I was very satisfied with the product, will certainly use Cover Store in the future.
Review by Jamie,NC Posted on 10/16/2012
2010 Ford MUSTANG
Might as well been a custom fit cover fits very well even down to the tires. Also when it rains water just beads and rolls off!! Great product good quality now to see if it holds up to the elements as stated. So far I am very pleased and would recommend to anyone who was looking for a great protecting vehicle cover...
Review by Glenda B,Arkansas Posted on 9/26/2012
1983 Mercury CAPRI
Great product , just as described. Arrived on time, and in excellent condition.
Review by Michael,Raleigh, NC Posted on 9/16/2012
1950 MG TD
Good cover so far. We just received it a couple of days ago. Will see how it performs in rain and other weather conditions. Thank you.
Review by Jeff Simonian,Phoenix, Az Posted on 9/14/2012
2011 Chevrolet HHR
Just arrived. Great service and great cover.
Very nice material though a bit heavy for a one man operation. Well see if practice makes perfect.
Review by Ricardo Ramos,Austin, Texas Posted on 9/14/2012
2000 Mazda B3000
perfect fit
Review by Rol Blauwkamp,Albuquerque,NM Posted on 8/30/2012
1981 Chevrolet CORVETTE
Cover is a little short because I have a custom air foil on the back.
Review by C Weloff,Aventura Fla Posted on 8/26/2012
2011 Chevrolet SUBURBAN
fit like a glove loved it well made thank u
Review by DC,Florida Posted on 8/21/2012
Bought this for a '66 CJ5. Feels incredibly durable - not canvas like a bikini top, but very durable nevertheless. Very waterproof - only had the cover on during a heavy Florida rainstorm, and the weight of the water made it puddle at various locations on the cover - I hadn't pulled it tight...not a drop inside. I'll be very interested to see how UV resistant and waterproof it stays over the years.
Review by david baker,san antonio tx Posted on 7/18/2012
fits great,,,much better qualitiy in this cover,,compared to the last cover i purchased,,,thanxs
Review by P. E. Mormann ,Stewartstown PA Posted on 7/17/2012
Cover appears to be of good quality, water beads up and rols off. this cover much better then the cheapo fleece lined cover that disintegrated in 1 year and shed its fleece all over the car.
Review by Lindsay Kenny ,San Rafael, CA Posted on 5/18/2012
1996 BMW Z3
I've had several covers for my 15 year old BMW, but this is by far the best. Great material, and easy to install. We had a big rain the day after I had washed my car and put the cover on for the first time. But the car was dry underneath it. That make up for it not having "ears" to cover the side mirrors. However, those were the places that always wore out first. So no deduction for that and big applause for the water sealing. Fast service too.
Review by Ron Faulkner,Sierra Vista, Az Posted on 5/10/2012
1978 Fiat 124
Product is as advertised. Just hoping the warranty is as good as stated in this hot Az. sun.
Review by Jim Tooker,Chandler, AZ Posted on 5/3/2012
perfect fit, nice quality
Review by CRX Owner,Texas Hill Country Posted on 4/21/2012
The fabric appears durable--more than previous car covers we have purchased. The vehicle is in a carport with partial sun light and mostly dry. We look forward to many years of use as the car is a classic and stored for our pleasure.
Review by Lou V,Bakersfield, CA Posted on 4/3/2012
2000 Porsche BOXSTER
It arrived within the time frame promised in great condition.
Thank you.
Review by Rick Rodriguez,Miami, FL Posted on 3/29/2012
2006 Pontiac SOLSTICE
The Cover is roomy, but not so big that it falls off. It does conform to the vehicle and covers all the important areas. It rained the day I put the cover on and the water beaded right off.
Review by Craufurd Goodwin,Hillsborough NC Posted on 2/14/2012
1962 Porsche 356B
just what I was looking for
Review by Omer Wilson,Kissimmee, FL. Posted on 1/24/2012
Cover fits perfectly.
Review by Ronnie Burlison,Falkville, AL Posted on 1/12/2012
1997 BMW Z3
Excellent product reasonable priced. Shipped promptly and arrived in good condition.
Review by Chuck,beach in Fla Posted on 1/12/2012
2003 Ford RANGER
havent used it yet..did a fit check the other day..nice snug fit..well constructed..i live beachside in Fla. so the 10 rating on the UV protection was a must..looks like i made the right choice in thi
Review by WILLIE WHITE,PLEASANT GARDEN NC Posted on 12/30/2011
1998 BMW M3
Review by Steve Baumgartner,Crestline, CA. Posted on 12/28/2011
2011 Ford MUSTANG
The car cover fits like a GLOVE "once" you get it on the car..It's very difficult for 1 person get the cover over the car. It slides off the car from one to the other when you are trying to get it on
Review by Mike,Weldon Spring, MO Posted on 12/21/2011
2000 Volvo S80
Connected the straps underneath the car with bungi cords. Worked great!
Review by Frank Aubel Jr, Posted on 12/6/2011
1992 Toyota 4RUNNER
Thank you for your not only great product, but the service to go along with it.
I marvel at the packaging and detail with shipping w/ only one combination receipt, shipping label and return label and
Review by Doug, Posted on 12/3/2011
I'm impressed with the quality of the product.
Review by Terry Chiccino,Los Gatos, Ca. Posted on 12/3/2011
1973 Volkswagen SUPER
the cover I ordered might fit on a VW Super beetle but it doesn't fit a VW Super beetle convertible. The cover needs to be 12"to 18" wider on each side.
Review by Bill Strat,Savannah GA Posted on 11/11/2011
2011 Ford RANGER
I was very happy with the workmanship and fit of the cover. Since this is not a "custom" cover I my expectations were exceeded with how well the cover fits my extended cab and protects everything from
Review by Phil Ochs,Temecula, CA Posted on 11/8/2011
Semi-Custom Car Cover
Material was not as described on website. It was thin and could never protect against dings.
Review by charles bondar,blaine, wash Posted on 10/10/2011
2006 Porsche BOXSTER
A well crafted premium cover..
Review by John Meloy,Mariposa, CA Posted on 9/17/2011
1995 Subaru LEGACY
I thought that this cover, being ordered of a specific model, had side mirror pockets--it doesn't. Hence the cover is about 9" too short on each side.
Review by Terry Ray, Posted on 8/26/2011
1977 Chevrolet CORVETTE
Good materials. Perhaps just a bit short and takes a bit of tugging to get on. Perhaps that is the way it is supposed to be, as my previous covers were stretched out.
Review by Brian Taulbee, Posted on 8/23/2011
1984 Mercedes 380SL
Excellent product, performs as advertised.
Review by Jack Signorella ,incline village, nv Posted on 8/20/2011
2006 Porsche 911
Review by Jack Signorella ,Incline village, nv Posted on 8/20/2011
1995 Mercedes SL320
Like the overall quel.
Review by Jack Signorella ,Incline village, nv Posted on 8/20/2011
1995 Mercedes SL320
Like the overall quel.
Review by Philip Powers,Silver Spring, MD Posted on 8/9/2011
2002 BMW Z3
Good quality materials, but didn't extend down to fully cover the sides of the vehicle.
Review by Sam Moore,Los Angeles, California Posted on 7/18/2011
1961 Porsche 356B
I know it's semi-custom but not sure why you want to know if it has 2 outside mirrors or 1 since there is no mirror pocket....just wondered. I'm generally pleased with the cover although it's a little
Review by Maverick72 ,NY Posted on 6/6/2011
Semi-Custom Car Cover
Great Product
Review by Larry Reisnouer,Spokane, WA Posted on 5/27/2011
1989 Chevrolet C1500
I bought this cover for my short-bed truck because there are times it has to sit outside. I wanted the cover to repel rain and tree sap. It has rained everyday since I put the cover on and the truck
Review by oscar hutchinson,lakeland fl Posted on 5/4/2011
1967 Ford MUSTANG
I needed cover with 2 mirrors,reordered,sent 1 mirror cover back for refund. Will comment on new cover when received THANKS
Review by JANET MANSFIELD,PALMETTO,FL Posted on 4/27/2011
2004 Chrysler SEBRING
Review by lawrence Bernard,Covington LA Posted on 4/3/2011
2008 BMW 528I
great product, great price

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